Relic of the South

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Relic of the South
Binds when Picked Up Unique
Relic of the South provides you with a boost to your Damage and Healing.
Your Damage and Healing output is increased by 10%.

The Relic of the South is one of the four Relics that the factions fight over in the El Dorado PvP zone. Along with Relic of the East, Relic of the West, and Relic of the North.

Because it sits above the entrance (as opposed to the other Relics, which sit in front of one of the faction doorways) it is often in contention for ownership by all three factions.

Claiming the relic and planting it on the ground gives everyone in your faction the Relic of the South (Buff) as long as they are standing very close to it. Exact buff range is Unknown, but not very large.