Reindeer antler headband

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Reindeer antler headband
Reindeer antler headband, green, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Hat
Source: Bag

The Reindeer antler headband is a thin headband (not visible at all with most (all?) hair styles), with a cloth set of deer-like ears and a pair of small antlers attached.

In all versions, the color denotes both the antler color as well as the ear color



There are five different colors for this item:

  • Green - Green antlers and ears, with yellow inside the ears
  • Pink - Bright pink antlers and ears, with white inside the ears
  • Purple - Almost neon purple antlers and ears, with light blue inside the ears
  • Red - Red antlers and ears, with yellow inside the ears
  • White - White antlers and ears, with grey inside the ears



Green Pink
Reindeer antler headband, green, female.png Reindeer antler headband, pink, female.png
Purple Red
Reindeer antler headband, purple, female.png Reindeer antler headband, red, female.png
Reindeer antler headband, white, female.png


Green Pink
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Purple Red
Unknown.png Unknown.png
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