Ravager (Class)

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Favourite Role: Healer
Primary Weapon: Fists
Secondary Weapon: Blood Focus
Difficulty: Difficulty 4.jpg

Ravagers combine raw fury with ritualistic power in order to overwhelm enemies. They excel at tearing into enemies and focusing their mystic energy to protect and heal.


  • Primary: Fists - Fist Weapon attacks cause the user to become more and more frenzied. They can enter a frenzied state where they gain access to a new set of powerful abilities
  • Secondary: Blood Focus - Blood abilities grow in power the more they are used, and must be controlled with abilities that expel this power. Negligent use results in dire consequences.

Favoured Role

  • Healer - Heal injured allies

Notable Abilities

  • Berserk - A single target fist weapon channel that deals a large amount of damage in a fury of blows over a short time. Roots both caster and target to the spot.
  • Sanctuary - A single target Blood Focus absorb barrier. If your target already has a barrier they receive a heal instead. Increases Martyrdom. Consumes 3 Blood Focus energy


  • 4/5 - Healing classes can be more difficulty for starting characters. In addition, builds that combine ranged and melee abilities can also be more difficult