Pyramid Schemes

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. This content is not available for the TSWicon.png TSW Classic version.

Pyramid Schemes
Pyramid Schemes.png
Recommended Level: 1
Region: Hub
Zone: A Waking Dream
Starting Coords: (792,89)
Given by: Dream Architect
Type: Investigation
Requires: Dreaming of Tomorrow
Added in: 2.0
Repeatable: No

Journal Entries

Mission Investigation.png Pyramid Schemes       Main Mission
Tier 1
You have landed in a dark and forgotten corridor. The way forward seems unclear. Look around for clues to proceed.
  • Pick up the torch from the nearby wall
  • Press the wall tile to proceed
  • Move past the floor tiles
  • Proceed into the next chamber
  • Solve the riddle
  • Move forward and dive deeper into the dream


There is 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

  • Pick up the nearby torch from the nearby wall
    • Yellow-outlined torch on the right-hand wall
    • Your normal GUI#Ability Bar will be replaced by one that only has a single ability - Drop Torch
  • Press the wall tile to proceed
    • A yellow-outlined tile on the wall next to the door
  • Move past the floor tiles
    • Stepping on the wrong tile will send you back to the beginning of the hallway
Clue 1      
Look at the button you pushed to get into the hallway
Clue 2      
Look at the symbols on the side of the hallway and the arch over it
Only step on the tiles that look like a simple drawing of a person
  • Proceed into the next chamber
    • Continue along the passage
    • A brief cutscene will play that shows three symbols over the door
  • Solve the riddle
Clue 1      
Use the yellow-outlined tiles up and down the hallway
Clue 2      
You have to use them all in the right order, if you use any out of order, it resets
Clue 3      
The order is the same as the symbols over the door at the end of the hallway
Use the 2nd plate on the left (III7), use the 1st plate on the right (person), use the last plate on the left (snake?)
  • Move forward and dive deeper into the dream
    • Continue down the passage and jump down the circular hole at the end


  • None


  • NOTE: Unlike nearly every other mission --- There is no reward and no report for completing this mission, once completely it is simply removed from your active mission list


Tier 1

When you first take the mission

Dream Architect: The torch, child. We speak in metaphors because the alien mind cannot decipher them.
Dream Architect: Your path will be equally puzzling - wisdom must be your torch.

After you get past the tiles

Unseen Grigori: You are with the chosen. But you must choose for yourself.
Unseen Nephilim: You are with the chosen. But you must make the right choices.

Moving forward after solving the riddle

Unseen Grigori: This is merely a dream.
Unseen Nephilim: Even if this is merely a dream.



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