Punk blazer

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Punk blazer
Punk blazer, black, female, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Coats
Source: Women's Streetwear
Price: 25000 Pax Romana

The Punk blazer is a very short-lengthed, two-button, Blazer. It is worn unbuttoned and opened. The lapel and collar are trimmed in the same color as the pinstripes.

There a number of small buttons pinned to the jacket - a yellow smiley-face, Union Jack, a white dove on blue, purple "party" on a black pin, and others too small to make out details.

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The Punk blazer are available in the following colors

  • Black - Black shirt with a light grey stripes
  • Blue - Slate blue, with light grey stripes
  • Green - Hunter green with light grey stripes
  • Grey - Medium grey jacket with light grey stripes
  • Orange - Medium orange with light grey stripes
  • Purple - Deep purple with light grey stripes


Note: This is shows with the Push-up bra (black) worn underneath, which is not part of the blazer outfit.

Black Blue
Punk blazer, black, female.png Punk blazer, blue, female.png
Green Grey
Punk blazer, green, female.png Punk blazer, grey, female.png
Orange Purple
Punk blazer, orange, female.png Punk blazer, purple, female.png

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