Progression Guide Season 02 Act 1

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Progression Guide Season 02 Act 1
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Progression Guide


Season two opens following the global televised report naming you as the person reasonable for the Ground Zero outbreak.

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Dawn of the Morninglight

Step Mission Title Req. Prerequisites Notes
373 width A New Dawn (Tier 1-2) Yes Laying Low in the Limelight
374 width The Cult of Personality Yes A New Dawn
375 width A New Dawn (Tier 3.1) Yes
376 width Things That Go Bump in the Night Yes The Cult of Personality
376.1 width Graffiti Time No
376.2 width Locust Exterminator No
376.3 width Hyena Frenzy No
376.4 width Death from Above No
377 width A New Dawn (Tier 3.2) Yes
377.1 width Grease Monkey No
377.2 width Vermin Cleanup Detail No
377.3 width Out of Sight, Out of Mind No
377.4 width Dawn's Harvest No
377.5 width Whitewashing No
378 width A New Dawn (Tier 4) Yes
379 width Foulfellow and Gideon Yes Things That Go Bump in the Night
379.1 width Espionage No
380 width A New Dawn (Tier 5) Yes
381 width One Flew Over Yes Foulfellow and Gideon
381.1 width Truck Sabotage No
381.2 width Kongamato Calamity No
381.3 width A Monstrous Siege No
382 width A New Dawn (Tier 6) Yes
383 width Wrath of the Dawn Yes One Flew Over
384 width A New Dawn (Tier 7) Yes
385 width Into the Fold Yes Wrath of the Dawn
386 width Marquard's Wake Yes A New Dawn Placeholder
386.1 width Callback No Into the Fold
386.2 width Dead Drop No Into the Fold

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