Progression Guide Season 01 Act 4

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Progression Guide Season 01 Act 4
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Progression Guide


You return to the beginning, where it all started.

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The Black Signal

The first thing you find amidst all the chaos is a strangely familiar face.
Step Mission Title Req. Prerequisites Notes
302 width Back to the Beginning Yes "Venice Sinking"
302.1 width Pieces of Sarah No Can only be completed during Back to the Beginning
303 width Runaway Circus Yes "Back to the Beginning"
303.1 width Heart of Darkness No
304 width The Right of Way (Tier 1.1) Yes "Runaway Circus" Examine house markings, read Gozen's notes
305 width Killers on the Road No Can do during The Right of Way (Tier 1)
305.1 width Lost Sword No Can only be started during Killers on the Road
306 width The Right of Way (Tier 1.2) Yes "Runaway Circus" Locate Oni camps
306.1 width Hell's Arsenal No
306.2 width The Shores of Hell No
307 width The Right of Way (Tier 2) Yes "Runaway Circus" Enter the sewers
307.1 width Hell of a Blow (Tier 1) No Can only be completed during The Right of Way (Tiers 2-3)
308 width The Right of Way (Tier 3.1) Yes "Runaway Circus" Locate
308.1 width Hell of a Blow (Tier 2) No Can only be completed during The Right of Way (Tiers 2-3)
309 width The Right of Way (Tier 3.2) Yes "Runaway Circus" Return to Gozen
310 width The Right of Way (Tier 4) Yes "Runaway Circus" Go to the bathhouse
311 width Contract Killers (Tier 1.1) Yes "The Right of Way" Read the Assignment
312 width Brotherly Loathe No
312.1 width Chasing Bad Luck No
312.2 width Death of a Samurai No
313 width Contract Killers (Tier 1.2) Yes "The Right of Way" Go to the Carpark
314 width Contract Killers (Tier 2) Yes "The Right of Way" Find out what happened
314.1 width Masks in Exile No Can only be completed during Contract Killers (Tier 2)
315 width Contract Killers (Tier 3) Yes "The Right of Way" Report back
316 width The Pachinko Model (Tier 1) Yes "Contract Killers" Locate the informant
317 width The Pachinko Model (Tier 2) Yes "Contract Killers" Go to the location
318 width The Pachinko Model (Tier 3) Yes "Contract Killers" Investigate
318.1 width Dear Diary No Can only be completed during The Pachinko Model (Tier 3)
319 width The Pachinko Model (Tier 4) Yes "Contract Killers"
320 width The Pachinko Model (Tier 5) Yes "Contract Killers"
321 width The Pachinko Model (Tier 6) Yes "Contract Killers"
322 width The Pachinko Model (Tier 7) Yes "Contract Killers" Report back
323 width Choose Your Own No This mission will take you out of the zone for awhile
324 width The Pagans No
324.1 width Slimy Shallows No
324.2 width Ghostbusters No
324.3 width Plaza Problems No
324.4 width Noodles & Swords No
324.5 width Taking the Low Route No
324.6 width Texts No
325 width The Chrome Steed No Do at the same time as Furious Road
325.1 width Furious Road No Do at the same time as The Chrome Steed
326 width Through the Wake Darkly No "The Pagans"
326.1 width Mask of the Oni No
326.2 width The Ghost Lord No Pickup, do during the next mission
327 width Spiral Yes "The Pachinko Model"
327.1 width Population of Filth No Can only be completed during Spiral
328 width All Alone Together No
328.1 width Access Denied No
329 width Love and Origami No
330 width Fierce Competition No
330.1 width Samurai Robots Can Happen to Anyone No
331 width The All-Seeing Kawaii No "All Alone Together"
331.1 width Panic at the Mall No
332 width The Korinto-kai No
333 width Follow the White Rabbit Yes "Spiral" Wait on the follow up story mission for now.
334 width Law of Salvage No
334.1 width Death and Noodles No
334.2 width Center for Disaster Contamination No
334.3 width Waste Not No
334.4 width The Fruiting Bodies No
334.5 width Damn Dirty Apes No
335 width Bustin' No
335.1 width Feed the Tank No
335.2 width The Tenebrous Sky No
336 width Neuromancy and the Art of Making Friends No
336.1 width The Corpse and the Key No
337 width Elements of Control No "Neuromancy and the Art of Making Friends"
337.1 width Judas Mech No
337.2 width Express to the Tower No
337.3 width Hardware Test No
337.4 width Short Circuit No
338 width Wetware No "Neuromancy and the Art of Making Friends"
338.1 width Pieces of Jack No Can only be completed during Wetware
339 width The Bank Heist No
340 width The Right Round No
340.1 width Power to Kurt No Can only be completed during The Right Round
341 width Youth Outreach (Tier 1.1) Yes "Follow the White Rabbit" Search for information
341.1 width Middle Management No
341.2 width Company Housing No
342 width The Shadow No
342.1 width A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit Jung No Can only be completed during The Shadow
343 width Youth Outreach (Tier 1.2) Yes "Follow the White Rabbit" Find literature
344 width Youth Outreach (Tier 2) Yes "Follow the White Rabbit"
344.1 width Message to Hell No
344.2 width A Spectre Shrining Through No
345 width Youth Outreach (Tier 3) Yes "Follow the White Rabbit"
346 width Youth Outreach (Tier 4) Yes "Follow the White Rabbit"
346.1 width Pirating the Signal No
346.2 width Ravenous No
347 width Youth Outreach (Tier 5) Yes "Follow the White Rabbit"
348 width My Bloody Valentine Yes "Youth Outreach"
348.1 width Dead Stories No Can only be completed during My Bloody Valentine
348.2 width Torn Pages No Can only be completed during My Bloody Valentine
349 width One Kill Ahead (Tier 1) Yes "My Bloody Valentine"
350 width One Kill Ahead (Tier 2) Yes "My Bloody Valentine"
350.1 width O Captain! No
350.2 width Fungal Freight No
351 width One Kill Ahead (Tier 3) Yes "My Bloody Valentine"
352 width Nightmare in the Dream Palace Yes "One Kill Ahead"
353 width The Signal Yes "Nightmare in the Dream Palace"
354 width Assault on Orochi Tower Yes "The Signal"
354.1 width Fallen Allies No Can only be completed during Assault on Orochi Tower
355 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 1) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
356 width Climbing Zagan Yes
356.1 width Taste Testing No
357 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 2) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
358 width Climbing Faust Yes
358.1 width Vault Heist No
359 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 3) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
360 width Climbing Manticore Yes
360.1 width Weaponized "Oops" No
361 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 4) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
362 width Climbing QBL Yes
362.1 width Silent Broadcast No
363 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 5) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
364 width Climbing Sycoil Yes
364.1 width Eco-Unfriendly No
365 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 6) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
366 width Climbing Vali Yes
366.1 width The Third Law No
367 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 7) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
368 width Climbing Plethron Yes
369.1 width Infestation No
369 width The Eight-Headed Serpent (Tier 8) Yes "Assault on Orochi Tower"
370 width Climbing Anansi Yes
370.1 width Prototyping No
371 width Confrontations and Revelations Yes "The Eight-Headed Serpent"
371.1 width Portability No
372 width Laying Low in the Limelight Yes "Confrontations and Revelations"

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