Progression Guide Season 01 Act 3

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Progression Guide Season 01 Act 3
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Progression Guide


Season one continues as events take an even darker turn.

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Mortal Sins

You find yourself in Romania where not everything is as it seems.
Step Mission Title Req. Prerequisites Notes
208 width Mortal Sins (Tier 1) Yes "End Game"; "Mainframe" or "Virgula Divina" Automatically completes
208.1 width Mortal Sins (Tier 2) Yes
209 width A Ghoulish Feast No
210 width Dead Reconning No
210.1 width A Body of Work No
211 width A Drink to Remember No "Dead Reconning"
211.1 width Blood Drive No
212 width Foul Banquet No
212.1 width Little Green Ghouls No
212.2 width Red Hands Aren't Idle Hands No
213 width Death and Axes No
214 width Mortal Sins (Tier 3) Yes
215 width Of the Forest No
215.1 width Ghouls Down By The River No
215.2 width The Uncorrupted No
216 width The Gathering No
216.1 width Sacred Protection No
216.2 width Silent Servants No
217 width Deathless No "The Gathering"
217.1 width No-Hope Chest No
218 width Revenge Served Hot No
218.1 width Den of Evil No
218.2 width Herbal Essence No
219 width The Girls Who Cried Wolf No "Revenge Served Hot"
219.1 width Bearing Gifts No Can turn in now or later with Spy vs. Spy
220 width The Kindly Ones No
221 width Red Handed No
222 width In Cold Blood No "Foul Banquet"
222.1 width The Briefcase No
223 width Sins of the Father No "Red Hands Aren't Idle Hands"; "The Briefcase"
224 width Test Run No
224.1 width Spy vs. Spy (Tier 1) No
225 width Ripples No "Test Run"
225.1 width Chainsaw in a Haystack No
225.2 width Scarecrows for Dummies No
225.3 width Spy vs. Spy (Tier 2) No
226 width The Girl Who Kicked the Vampire's Nest No
226.1 width The Cost of Blood No
226.2 width Blood Sample No
227 width The Cost of Magic No "The Girl Who Kicked the Vampire's Nest"; "Bearing Gifts"
228 width From the Valley to the Stars No Dungeon.
229 width Mortal Sins (Tier 4.1) Yes Find the man in the forest
229.1 width Lycanthrophy No
230 width Mortal Sins (Tier 4.2) Yes Ask about the Romany
231 width The Amazing Brothers Blaga No
231.1 width The Outcasts No
231.2 width Crying Wolf No
231.3 width Trophy Wolf No
231.4 width Who Comes And Goes No
232 width Six Feet Under No
232.1 width Junkers No
232.1 width It's a Dirty Job No
232.3 width A Wreath of Roses No
233 width Mortal Sins (Tier 5) Yes
234 width Clearing the Waters No
234.1 width Root of the Problem No
234.2 width Lord of the Flies No
235 width Fungal Fireworks No
235.1 width Shocking Infestation No
235.2 width Assorted Nasties No
236 width Mortal Sins (Tier 6) Yes Do at the same time as The Lurking Horrors
237 width The Lurking Horrors No Do at the same time as Mortal Sins (Tier 6)
237.1 width Forsaken Not Forgotten No
237.2 width Head of the Drăculești No
237.3 width Flight of the Sinners No
238 width Mortal Sins (Tier 7) Yes Stop at the camp to pick up Knight of the Drăculești and turn in Head of the Drăculești
239 width Knight of the Drăculești No Do at the same time as Mortal Sins (Tier 7)
239.1 width Restless No
239.2 width Fatal Framing No
239.3 width Forget-me-not No
240 width Mortal Sins (Tier 8) Yes
241 width Mortal Sins (Tier 9) Yes
242 width Mortal Sins (Tier 10) Yes
243 width A Necessary Evil No
243.1 width Bad Dogs No
244 width The Cellar Door No "A Necessary Evil"
244.1 width An Errant Knight No Can pick up earlier
244.2 width Cruel Nature No Can pick up earlier
244.3 width Red Hand Down No Can pick up earlier
245 width Mortal Sins (Tier 11) Yes
246 width Mortal Sins (Tier 12) Yes
246.1 width Shrooms No
247 width The Wild Hunt No
247.1 width Fatal Fungi No
248 width Mortal Sins (Tier 13) Yes
249 width Mortal Sins (Tier 14) Yes
250 width Mortal Sins (Tier 15) Yes
251 width Crossroads No
251.1 width War is Hell No
251.2 width Out of This World No
252 width The Draculesti No "The Amazing Brothers Blaga"; "The Wild Hunt"; "Six Feet Under"; "Crossroads"
253 width Mortal Sins (Tier 16) Yes
253.1 width Filth and the Forest No
253.2 width Tenebrae No Can pick up at two locations
253.3 width Ashes to Ashes No
254 width Mortal Sins (Tier 17) Yes
255 width Mortal Sins (Tier 18) Yes
256 width Mortal Sins (Tier 19) Yes
257 width The Abandoned No Do not pick up "Free Spirit" during or before completing this or it will bug out.
258 width Last Dance of the Padǔrii No "Mortal Sins (Tier 8)"
258.1 width Scorn of the Forest No
258.2 width Free Spirit No Do not take during "The Abandoned" or it will cause the investigation mission to stall.
259 width Singing Stones No
260 width Trials of the Dragon No
261 width Mortal Sins (Tier 20) Yes
262 width Paradise Now No Dungeon.
263 width Obstructive Persons No (Can do any time after "Mortal Sins (Tier 9)" if you want a break)
264 width Mortal Sins (Tier 21) Yes
265 width Mortal Sins (Tier 22.1) Yes Find a messenger
266 width A Dying Breed No
266.1 width Frostbitten No
267 width Dogs of War No "A Dying Breed"
267.1 width There Are No Flowers in Pricolești No
267.2 width The Besieged Castle No
267.3 width The Vampire Diary (Tier 1) No
268 width Exit Strategy No
268.1 width Hot-Blooded Blood Suckers No
268.2 width Quality Assurance No
269 width Where It Doesn't Belong No
269.1 width Analogue Revival No
269.2 width The Vampire Diary (Tier 2) No
269.3 width Metal Detective No
270 width They Mostly Come At Night No
270.1 width Cabins in the Woods No
271 width Contagion No
271.1 width Panic Room No
272 width Too Deep No
273 width Breached No
274 width Mortal Sins (Tier 22.2) Yes Follow a messenger to it's leader
275 width Mortal Sins (Tier 23) Yes
276 width Mortal Sins (Tier 24) Yes
277 width A History of Violins No
277.1 width Unhallowed Halls No
278 width The Red Thread No "A History of Violins"
279 width Mortal Sins (Tier 25.1) Yes Head for the castle
279.1 width Icebreaker No Don't pick it up early...
280 width Cabin Fever No
280.1 width Bloodlines No Can continue during start of "The Castle"
280.2 width The Icemen Cometh No
281 width The Castle No "Cabin Fever"
282 width Mortal Sins (Tier 25.2) Yes Enter the castle
283 width Selected Memories No
284 width The Girl is Gone No You can do "Selected Memories" second but the story will work better this way.
285 width The Slaughterhouse No Dungeon.
286 width Mortal Sins (Tier 26) Yes
287 width Mortal Sins (Tier 27) Yes
288 width Mortal Sins (Tier 28) Yes
289 width Mortal Sins (Tier 29) Yes

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