Progression Guide Season 01 Act 2

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Progression Guide Season 01 Act 2
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Progression Guide


Season one continues as more events unfold throughout the world.

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Black Sun, Red Sand

Your investigation has led you to a hidden part of Egypt where an ancient threat looms.
Step Mission Title Req. Prerequisites Notes
117 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 1.1) Yes "Total Eclipse"; "Questions and Answers" or "Sign of the Times"
118 width The Siege of al-Merayah Yes Automatically given
118.1 width Supply Run, Too No
118.2 width Headhunter No
118.3 width Jonestown of the Desert No
119 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 1.2) Yes Meet Council of Veince delegation
120 width Angels & Demons No
120.1 width Friends and Neighbours No
120.2 width The Bomb Squad No
120.3 width Abode Incursion No
121 width The Traitor No "The Siege of al-Merayah"
122 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 2.1) Yes Search al-Merayah
123 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 2.2) Yes Find a disguise
124 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 2.3) Yes Infiltrate
125 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 3.1) Yes Follow
126 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 3.2) Yes Reach the camp
127 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 4.1) Yes Read your SMS
128 width Live Free, Die Hard No
128.1 width The Coveters No
128.2 width Ten Thousand Bullets No
128.3 width Boom, Baby No
128.4 width The Scorpion Queen No
129 width Demolition Man No "Live Free, Die Hard"
129.1 width Package Problems No Complete during "Black Sun, Red Sand, Tier 4.2"
129.2 width Slummin' in the Slur No
129.3 width Filthy Science No
130 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 4.2) Yes Investigate
131 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 4.3) Yes Search for cultist activity
132 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 5) Yes Find the entrance
133 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 6.1) Yes Locate
133.1 width The Defence Never Rests No
134 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 6.2) Yes Investigate
135 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 6.3) Yes Go to the shop
136 width An Uneasy Alliance (Tier 1) No
137 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 6.4) Yes Enter the shop
138 width An Uneasy Alliance (Continued) No
139 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 7.1) Yes Go to location
140 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 7.2) Yes Explore
140.1 width A Ghoulish Fate No
140.2 width Plaguebourne No
141 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 7.3) Yes Defend
141.1 width Tainted Dreams No Do not pick this up before previous step is complete.
142 width The Last Legion No
142.1 width Consecration No
142.2 width Scattered to the Wind No
142.3 width Rising Sands No
142.4 width Council Corpus No
142.5 width Quenching of the Flames No
143 width The Unburnt Bush No
144 width The Living Oil No
145 width A Lion in the Streets No
145.1 width Moving Mountains No
145.2 width Ghoul Pool No
146 width The High Cost of Dying No
146.1 width The Eighth Plague No
147 width A Shadow Over Egypt No "The High Cost of Dying"
147.1 width Between a Rock and a Hard Place No
147.2 width Snakes and Looters No
148 width Old Gods, New Tricks No
148.1 width Scorched Earth No
148.2 width Plague of Locusts No
149 width The Madness of Men No
149.1 width Signal Effect No
149.2 width The Little Drone That Could No
150 width From Below No
150.1 width Pass the Ammunition No
150.2 width Primum Non Nocere No
151 width The Prometheus Initiative No
151.1 width Drone Phone Home No
151.2 width Old Scotch, New Problems No
152 width Pandora's Box No Dungeon.
153 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 8) Yes Locate camp
153.1 width Droning On and On No "Drone Phone Home"
153.2 width A Flight of Locusts No
153.3 width The Final Destination No "Droning On and On"
153.4 width King of the Hill No
154 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 9) Yes Locate door
154.1 width Not by Bread Alone No
155 width The Big Terrible Picture No
156 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 10.1) Yes Search
156.1 width Emissaries of Flame No
157 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 10.2) Yes Go to location
157.1 width Modern Archaeology No
158 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 11.1) Yes Return
158.1 width Tomb Much Trouble No During "Follow tracks to the east" part of Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 11)
159 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 11.2) Yes Follow
159.1 width Touched by Fire No
160 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 12) Yes Go to location
161 width Mean Streets Yes Start of "The Last Train to Cairo" arc
162 width The Prisoner Yes "Mean Streets"
162.1 width The Escape No
163 width A Time to Every Purpose Yes "The Prisoner"
163.1 width O Tempora! O Mores! No
164 width The City Beneath Us Yes "A Time to Every Purpose"
164.1 width Know Them by Their Works No
165 width The City Before Us Yes "The City Beneath Us"
166 width The Last Train to Cairo Yes "The City Before Us" Finale of "The Last Train to Cairo" arc
166.1 width Death Train No
167 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 13.1) Yes Go to location
167.1 width Gravity of the Situation No
167.2 width Ruined No
167.3 width Not on Google Maps No
167.4 width Under Wraps No
168 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 13.2) Yes Enter the City of the Sun God
169 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 14.1) Yes Complete task
170 width A City Born in Blood Yes
171 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 14.2) Yes Disrupt barrier
171.1 width Funeral Pyre No
172 width Dulling Aten's Blade No There's no good place for this.
173 width The Sad Song Yes
174 width The Dark Places No
175 width The Eye of Horus Yes
176 width The Stained Oasis Yes
177 width The 3rd Age No
177.1 width Atenist Excavation No
178 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 15.1) Yes Locate shrine
179 width A Farewell to Arms Yes
180 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 15.2) Yes Locate shrine
181 width Dead Rising No
181.1 width Earth, Wind, Fire and Water No
182 width They Were Beautiful Once Yes
182.1 width It Came from the Desert No
182.2 width Nocturnal Worship No
182.3 width From Ashes No
182.4 width Mummy Massacre No
182.5 width Waters of the Nile No
183 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 16.1) Yes Locate shrine
184 width Halls of Lost Records Yes
184.1 width Bug Hunt No
185 width Dust Devils No
186 width Blood and Fire No
186.1 width A Familiar Problem No
187 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 16.2) Yes Find
187.1 width Wreckage No
187.2 width Desert Uprising No
188 width A Modest Proposal Yes
188.1 width Heavy Metals No
188.3 width Batteries Not Included No
189 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 17) Yes
189.1 width When the World is Rocking No
190 width Emergency Procedures No
190.1 width Buried in Sand No
191 width The Binding No
191.1 width Foundations No
192 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 18) Yes
192.1 width Bugged No
192.2 width As Thick as Fleas No
192.3 width Muddied Waters No
192.4 width Unknown Soldier No
192.5 width She Who Likes Silence No
192.6 width Ghoul, Well Done No
192.7 width Behind Every Golem No
193 width The Way of Things No
193.1 width Purify the Cleansing Flame No
193.2 width Sparked to Life No
194 width Mummy Issues No
194.1 width Envoys of Rib-Hadda No
194.2 width Points of Impact No
195 width Sympathy for the Devil No Dungeon.
196 width The Angry Earth No Start of "Call of the Nameless" arc
196.1 width The Voice of Klein No
197 width An Interlude of Sand No "The Angry Earth"
198 width Digging Too Deep No "An Interlude of Sand"
198.1 width Acolyte's Demise No
199 width An Interlude of Bedtime Stories No "Digging Too Deep"
200 width Appeasing the Flame No "An Interlude of Bedtime Stories"
201 width Fight For Your Rites No "Appeasing the Flame"
202 width An Interlude of Mythos No "Fight For Your Rites"
203 width In the Dusty Dark No "An Interlude of Mythos"
203.1 width They Belong in a Museum No
204 width Beneath You It Eats Its Name No "In the Dusty Dark"
205 width The Agartha Express No "Beneath You It Eats Its Name" Epilogue of the "Call of the Nameless" arc
206 width Black Sun, Red Sand (Tier 19) Yes

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  • "Immersion" has been moved to much later in the game, when originally introduced the mission took place long after this story arc.