Primordial Dweller

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Primordial Dweller
Primordial Dweller.jpg
Type: Draug
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: No Data
HP: Normal:48,000
XP Awarded: Normal:??
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: The Polaris
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


The Primordial Dweller is the fifth boss encounter in The Polaris dungeons. It is a Lord variant of Draug, although much larger than any other Draug Lords encountered.

Special Abilities

  • Can Cast: Synapse Spasm TAoE ground effect (black water) cast on a random player.
  • Can Cast: Tide Wall – Spawns an aborption shield on the boss.
  • Can Cast: Psychic Death Zone – Boss becomes immune and spawns Primordial Spawns.
  • Can spawn adds named Volatile Host (470 HP), which explode if not killed quickly enough, in groups of 2.
  • Can spawn adds named Primordial Spawn (423 HP) in groups of 8+.


This is really the players first encounter with a technical boss that requires strategy beyond "stay out of the bad stuff on the ground.

The Primordial Dweller will cast Synapse Spasm more and more often as the fight progresses. If the players do not kill him fast enough, it will be almost impossible to avoid the multiple AoE's on the ground. There is no "white circle" visible when it is cast, but when you see yourself standing in black water, you have a second or two to get out of it before it explodes.

He will also summon more and more Volatile Host and Primordial Spawn as the fight progresses, again to the point where the players will not be able to fight both the Primordial Dweller and the multiple spawns at the same time.

The Tank, along with any Melee DPS will need to watch out for the casting of Psychic Death Zone - either a casting bar over his health, or the white ground effect lines. Getting caught in that causes the player to take damage, be knocked back, and Impaired for a couple seconds. A quick Active Dodge backwards should get you out of the range of the AoE.

While the Death Zone spell is active, approaching within melee range causes the character to take damage from a lightning shield around him. There will also be multiple Volatile Host and Primordial Spawn adds that appear during this time. Typically, the group healer will instantly draw aggro from all of these adds, and so while the Death Zone is active, the tank should try to gather up any adds running around while the other players take them down.

The fight will continue like this (Attack, Death Shield, Adds, Attack, etc) until either the Primordial Dweller is killed or the AoE's and Adds overcome the players.

In Nightmare mode, Primordial Dweller's attacks cleave so Melee DPS will need to stand as far away from the tank as possible. Typically the tank will take the rightmost side so that the left most side is safe.

The ability Sleight of Hand can be used to grant temporary immunity to the Volatile Host explosions, cast it when they are near you. Highly useful in nightmare.