Priest House

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Priest House
Priest House.jpg
Map Coordinates: (325,480)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

The Priest House is a historical landmark in Kingsmouth, being the home of one of the towns founders, Solomon Priest. It is located next to the Kingsmouth Congregational Church.


Location involved in

width The Kingsmouth Code


  • The Priest House is located at "15 Arkham Avenue" in Kingsmouth
  • The map coordinates are (325,480)


This location is included in Townie exploration achievement.


  • Solomon Priest is one of the founders of Kingsmouth, along with Fletcher, Ickstatt, and Langmore.
  • You can see many of the locations on Solomon Island are named after these individuals, the island itself named after the most prominent figure.
  • You will pass by this location as you take on many of the missions in Kingsmouth.