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On May 11th, 2007, this post was made by A Friend.

Together we are strong

Friends - and enemies:

Together we are stronger than we are apart; once again that has been made abundantly clear to me. With your assistance and diligence, I'm closer than ever to deciphering the cryptic clues on (and in) the photograph.

But we aren't there yet. I have been preoccupied with...other matters, and your assistance is still of the utmost importance. I believe we only have a few days before time runs out. I may be wrong. But if I am right, we must work harder to crack this infernal code.

As I told you yesterday, I know we need the following information:

When was the photograph taken - on the minute. Year, date, time. Where was the photograph taken - exactly. Who took the photograph - and who was his most trusted friend.

These things will point us through the dark days that are coming, and unlock a message from the past - a message that will, hopefully, inspire us and guide us through the dark days ahead.

How do I know these things? I'm being led through the darkness by a guiding light, just as I lead you through the falling dark. I don't know who she really is, who she answers to, or why she's chosen me - but she has, as I have chosen you.

Please, as always, record my words carefully. This message will be deleted soon, I'm sure, and I don't have the resources at this moment to send you another mail. I can't risk exposing trusted friends in precarious positions, and will only ask them such favours when the circumstances warrant it.

Remember this: there may be other messages, hidden ones, that we have yet to find. I feel there's something missing. But I KNOW that some of you - some of you - are on the right track. I believe we have the year, I believe we know where it was taken, but we need all the information - as quickly as possible.

Be safe. Stay vigilant. I will return.
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