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On May 13th, 2007, this post was made by A Friend.

The world depends on you

You have found the precise date, I'm sure of it. It corresponds perfectly with my own research into the photograph, and with what A. B. has told me. Year, month, date - you have solved the riddle.

I do not believe, however, that you have found the exact time yet. I know the hour and minute will be marked clearly, albeit cryptically, on the photograph - I have encountered others like it, and these details are crucial to those who frequent the secret world - but I cannot decipher the code myself. For this I must rely entirely on you.

I also believe the location to be self-evident, though I hesitate to be more precise. I want the answer to come from you. I could very well be wrong in my assumptions, and every statement I make has a way of becoming the accepted truth - something for which I only have myself to blame, of course.

I have some new information, however. She told me that the arrow points the way, and the gate is one of five. Yes...yes, it makes perfect sense...but I don't want you to discount other possibilities just yet. I will leave it to you - all of you - to answer that riddle.

Where do all the numbers point? Again, one of you has the answer already, I'm very sure of that. Together you will crack the code and unlock the final message for me, for all of us, for everyone.

When you do, I must disappear for a while. I have become much more visible than I had hoped I would have to, and they are hunting me. Every hour, every minute, brings them closer. I don't have much longer.

Be vigilant. Be prepared. And don't stop until you have the answer. I depend on you. The world depends on you.

A friend
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