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On May 14th, 2007, this post was made by A Friend.

The names are the key


I'm no longer able to post on the forums. My messages are deleted instantly, and unwanted eyes are able to pry into our private affairs. I am, however, still able to use the very same channels for sending mail that cannot be tracked back to where I currently am. For now.

Hopefully all of you are to be trusted. Don't show your cards - and be cautious.

I believe you have found the location now. Yes, the arrow points there - the pentagram - and all prior signs correspond with your latest theory. It is as I thought, but I needed it confirmed. Good work!

I'm as much in the dark as you are about the time. I know the clues are right there in the photo, as clear as day, as obvious as anything we've ever looked at...but the answer still eludes me. The clock is a message, I'm sure of it. But how to read it? You must focus on that now. We have the other pieces.

Remember: Year, month, day, hour, minute - and the location.

The names are the key to the message.

My coffee grows cold and I'm receiving long looks from the staff. I should move on before the lunch crowd arrives. I don't know where to go next, but I will try to check in again soon. If not today, then certainly tomorrow. But then, after that... Time runs short. I must disappear or risk exposing myself.

Hurry. You are closer than ever. I depend on you now.

A friend
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