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On May 14th, 2007, this post was made by A Friend.

The code remains unbroken

My situation is increasingly precarious. I stay on the move, go online only where I feel safe - in public places, coffee shops, libraries. I have stopped using my phone. I keep looking over my shoulder. I'm the last to get on the train, making sure no one enters after me - and I'm the last one off, just before the doors close. I avoid dark places, I stay where there are people, always, and I keep my eyes turned down and my face in shadow.

Paranoia grips my heart. I can't tell friend from foe, safe haven from devious trap. Sometimes I'm not even sure I'm being followed... Until I catch a glimpse of something strange in a darkened reflection, or hear a disturbingly familiar sound when I lie awake at night...

Yet I'm committed to this cause, as are you - I'm sure of it - and I will not stop until I know the whole Truth.

The code remains unbroken, however.

You have not yet found the place the photograph was taken - I'm sure of it. Remember: the arrow points the way, she said. There is an arrow made from numbers. You found it once. You can find it again.

I fear you have not found the precise hour, either. I have nothing but a gut feeling about this, but I think the answer may be even more obvious than we first thought.

With everything else, I'm confident that we have the answers we need, but not yet the way to use those answers.

Some of you are certainly on the right track, but the secret may be buried in a place closer to home, right under our eyes. Certain people are in possession of something precious that we need access to - people who should never have had it in the first place - and they are foolish enough to put it where someone, anyone, can access it.

The year. The date. The time. The place. These will lead us to a final message, and tell us something of the past...and the future.

Be vigilant, friends. Beware reflections in windows and strange sounds at night. It might mean you are getting too close. Leave it be, then, all of this, and return to your life in the sun. Enjoy it while it's still there.

I wish I could.

A friend
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