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On May 10th, 2007, this post was made by A Friend. In it, he congratulated those who were able to solve the Dark Days Are Coming cities and symbols puzzle on the old website.

The code has been cracked!

The code has been cracked, the locations marked. My friends - you've been helpful beyond measure. I WILL call on you again.

Five sacred places point to an ancient secret buried by time - a Pandora's Box that was very nearly opened, less than a century ago.

Once more this secret is in danger of being exposed. That MUST NOT be allowed to happen!

I'm taking this information with me to people who can help. Powerful friends. Warriors. Protectors. They inhabit this world, and yet they live apart from it, in secret places, hidden the dark places.

Be safe. Be vigilant. Be aware. We are approaching an end, and a new beginning. You will be called on again. And this time - the battle will be harder.

A friend. 20121221
A Friend, no source
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