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On May 7th, 2007, this letter was sent out to various gaming sites. The flickr link referenced a poem and began the first ARG event for The Secret World. At the end of the letter, A friend signs with "HS 20121221." Taken with what we know now, the HS stands for "Hide Seek," which was the username A friend used as his e-mail address. The second part of the signature can be split into a significant date: 2012/12/21. This date refers to the end of the Mayan calender and has potential doomsday theories surrounding it. The same date is being counted down to on the main website. A friend only uses "HS" and "20121221" in his signature twice, although this is the only time they are used together.

The Truth Importance: Low


You don't know me, and I hesitate to call myself 'a friend' - that would be presumptuous.

I found your name on the forums, and based on what I read I decided to contact you.

I have uncovered something that worries me, and I want to get the word out before it's too late. You're going to think I'm crazy - that's fine. I've been called crazy before. Time will prove me right. For now, all I can do is speak up and hope that someone out there will listen. You're not the only one I've contacted today, and if you don't help me, someone else will - I'm sure of it. Just know that by helping me you will put yourself at risk. I will hold no grudge against you if you keep silent.

Through sources that must remain secret, I've located an ancient and potentially very dangerous document. I'll explain how it relates to you in a second. First I want you to see this document for yourself:

This is genuine. It's a digital reproduction of a document that has recently been uncovered in a place run by people of great power - people who don't want their secrets revealed to the world. Don't ask me how I discovered it - I won't tell. Others would get hurt.

There's a global conspiracy that threatens us all, one that goes back thousands - tens of thousands - of years, and this document is just a single piece of evidence of what these powerful people know, and what they have planned for the future.

But this is not why I write you.

I've learned that someone else has uncovered parts of this conspiracy, and plan to exploit it for commercial reasons by building a virtual world based on these dark secrets. I fear that this is ill-advised and dangerous. Some things must remain hidden - this is one of them. These people don't know what they're doing. By creating a game based on the information they have uncovered, they are opening Pandora's Box.

We need to get the word out NOW - to prevent them from digging too deep, and from revealing things that should remain least until the world is ready for the Truth.

I know they plan to use the contents of this ancient document to spread the word about their game. Please, friend, I need your help, and the help of those that trust and listen to you. We need to reveal their plans before more sinister agents find out. We must let them know they are playing with fire...a fire that can burn us all.

I know this might sound absurd to you. After all, how can a GAME be dangerous? If you knew what I know, if you've seen what I've seen, you wouldn't ask that question. Information is a weapon, and in the wrong hands this information could be devastating to us all.

Please, I beg you, spread the word. Expose these people and their plans. By revealing their true intentions, we can at least make it appear to be 'just a game', rather than the dark and dangerous Truth that it truly is.

It is not too late...but we must act NOW.

HS 20121221
A Friend, no source
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