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On April 6th, 2009, this post was made by A Friend. He made this post after over two years of silence on the forums. The sanctuary A friend refers to is that of the Sanctuary of Secrets. The post was made during the They Are Coming Back Alternate Reality Game.

Seduced by so-called sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is a LIE.

It is not a sanctuary for those who seek the truth - it's a sanctuary FROM the truth, for those who are unable to face the truth.

As these poor ignorant game developers are fond of saying: Dark days are coming.

Yes. Dark days ARE coming. And they will come regardless of where you choose to hide, regardless of where you seek 'sanctuary'.

The road to enlightenment cannot be found amongst those who hide behind cryptic puzzles and cute names. The road to enlightenment cannot be found in ancient history, written by those who made the very mistakes that brought us to this moment in time - the tipping point between destruction and salvation.

By craving sanctuary, you have just sacrificed your identity. For the promise of a reward, you have given them exactly what they wanted from you - blind allegiance.

Enlightenment will arrive in the unlikeliest of places, but not here. Never here.

They will shut me down soon, I know that. Either the poor fools who have stumbled on something they don't understand - and, incredibly, seek to create 'entertainment' from it - or those who claim to offer sanctuary. I'm here to save you from your own ignorance, to warn you against the trap that's been set.

But my hold on this forum is fleeting, and I can only hope that you will spread my message once I've been exorcised.

Don't let the lie linger. Don't let the promise of sanctuary blind you to the real truth.

There will be no sanctuary from the storm, from the darkness. There will be no sanctuary, and only those who UNDERSTAND and FIGHT will prevail.

You have been warned.
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