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Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

Plethron (slogan: "Feeding the Hungry Mouths") is one of the eight subsidiaries of the Orochi Group. They focus in the development of agricultural applications through Váli research. [1] However, there is controversy over the safety of gene-modified food plants and critics link recent increases in illnesses like ADD to Plethron's foods. [2]

They have an international presence through liasons in several countries: Angola, Brazil, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Valley of the Sun God, Guatemala, Korea, and Indonesia. [3]


An ancient-Greek "plethron" was alternately a measure of the amount of farmland ploughable by a team of oxen in a day, or the standard length of the racing track edging a wrestling arena, testing how fast people could run. A "plethora," meanwhile, is an uncountable multitude, whether of crops, of the hungry needing to be fed by crops, or the lethal swarms of hive-mind insects or giant occult locusts tending to infest abandoned Plethron facilities, having proven themselves unsustainable food sources.


In Egypt, Plethron is a leading participant in the Prometheus Initiative. They have offices in al-Merayah and Luxor, and are researching the irrigation potential of the Nile river. [4]

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