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Old enemy.png
Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: New Carthage

The Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors -- or simply The Phoenicians -- are the fourth member of the Council of Venice. Although a long time member of the Council, the relationship is turbulent.

First Appearance

The Phoenicians were originally introduced at the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo as "An Old Enemy."[1] [2] In addition to the name, the logo of the ship with a lion's head on the sail was flashed.

Two years later, during the Council of Venice systems malfunction, The Dark Places started tweeting about Carthage, Yam and Baal, the traders in purple, and "the 4th." These tweets lead to the discovery of the Phoenicians and their flag.

Emails leaked by The Dark Places from mention New Carthage, the home of the Phoenician society (1, 2, 3). The relationship between Dr. Elissa Hanna, the Phoenician representative on the Council, and the Council-Consul, Sienna, appears to be amicable.


Their headquarters seems to a city floating in the oceans called New Carthage - but details are scant.



The Council of Venice was broken and disbanded in the late 1930s, as the world was on the cusp of war. Sources say that the Phoenicians were thrown off the Council just before it broke apart, but there are absolutely no written records from that period — as far as we know. The truth has been buried. [3]


Information about the Phoenician uniform was posted, August 29, 2011, at showing this uniform. It was noted that this is a significant departure from the uniform previously used, as the Phoenicians were primarily involved in trade and shipping among the secret societies, where as this is a full combat uniform.
New Phoenician Uniform

Speculation on the Phoenician gun symbols

Zoomed in look at the symbols

Listed are a few of the theories behind what the symbols mean.

The first comes from the Phoenician summary thread. The symbols are a mix of alphabets coming out to KN SN 21 S 1. You can find the deciphering from about pages 68 to 75.

Expanding on the Phoenician aspect via number. There is no direct translation but the author feels that this is the ammo total.

The second line of thought comes from the New ARG(?) thread and looks at whether the symbols are from alchemy with further correction.

  1. The first symbol on the left looks like the symbol for gold
  2. I believe it is two combined to convey a process. The crescent is representative of the moon, Luna, ruler of Silver. The squiggly line, in Latin, Solutio= to loosen, or to solve. It is also used to signify a water operation.
  3. The next symbol is likely Aquarius. In alchemy, Aquarius signified union through multiplication. It's possible it could also be the symbol for aqua, water.
  4. The following symbol I have yet to identify. Zooming in throws the resolution off, and it's hard to get an accurate view. It looks like it could be something like the sign for Libra, which stands for Separation through Sublimation.
  5. The final symbol appears to be that of aluminium, which was at the time quite valuable.


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The Secret War

The Phoenicians are barred from the battlefields of the Secret War because they may have made some bad choices, but that's just theory. The Council has kept no records from that time, and no one is willing to talk about it. Yet. [4]

As seen in the email from Elias Berbera to the Council-Consul, the Phoenicians are not allowed to participate in the official battlefields and war zones run by the [Council of Venice] but they do participate in the continuing battle against Council enemies and the protection of the public from the items listed in the Book of Secrets.

Known Members

+Phoenicians Members
Name Role Condition
Elias Berbera New Carthage public relations officer
Dr. Elissa Hanna Phoenician representative to the Council of Venice
Ellis Hill
Lidiya Operative Working in Carpathian Fangs to retrieve Emma Smith for Lilith
Kaoru Employee Works in The Dream Palace