Paladin (Deck)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the Deck. For other uses, see Paladin.

Paladin (Deck)
Paladin (Deck).jpg
Secret Society: Templars
Weapon 1: Pistols
Weapon 2: Blade

The Paladin is an agile front-line fighter, wielding blades and dual pistols. The deck revolves around using rapid focus attacks to set up a variety of damage-over-time effects. An effective Paladin will use run-and-gun techniques to rapidly inflict and exploit their damage-over-time abilities.

Using both elite abilities, the Paladin can maintain battlefield mobility, while each sucessful attack builds towards inflicing damage-over-time on surrounding enemies.

Weapons Needed

Active Abilities

  • Shootout - [1 AP, Active, Focus, Single] - A single target pistol focus attack that channels a large amount of damage in multiple hits. Consumes all pistol resources.
  • Hair Trigger - [9 AP, Active, Focus, Single] - A single target pistol focus that channels a moderate amount of damage to your target over multiple hits. Builds a resource for each equipped weapon.

Passive Abilities

  • Increased Focus - [12 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target] - All your focus category abilities have an increased chance to critically hit.