Orochi complex (Solo Instance)

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Orochi complex (Solo Instance)
Map Coordinates: (323,212)
Region: Hub
Zone: Seoul
Type: Instance
Faction: Orochi Group

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The Orochi complex is a 10-story office building, located in Seoul. It is apparently the major Orochi Group building in Seoul, housing offices for at least Manticore Research Group, Plethron, and Anansi Technologies and most likely for all of their subsidiaries.

The building houses some sort of field technology that nullifies all Anima powered weapons and abilities.


Starts at this location

  • None

Missions involved in

width End Game


  • The entrance the Orochi complex (Solo Instance) is located in Seoul at (323,212). However, this entrance is only accessible during the End Game mission, and it is some sort of portal that teleports you to inside the tower. Where in the city the actual building is located is unknown.

Orochi Complex 1st Floor.png

Orochi Complex 2nd Floor.png

Orochi Complex 3rd Floor.png


Environmental Hazards

  • The building has a field that suppresses all Anima powered abilities and weapons


  • None