No Sleep till Brooklyn

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

No Sleep till Brooklyn
Illuminati Talent Shark.jpg
Region: Hub
Zone: New York
Start Coords: (364,406)
Given by: Automatic
Type: Story
Recommended Level: 1
Requires: Dreaming of Tomorrow
Faction: Illuminati
Reward: No Data
Repeatable: No
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

You've been contacted. It's not clear by who, but whoever they are, they operate with considerable means and power. Breaking this appointment is not an option.

Journal Entries

Mission Story.png No Sleep till Brooklyn       Story Mission
UNREPEATABLE (Recommended Level 1)
You've been contacted. It's not clear by who, but whoever they are, they operate with considerable means and power. Breaking this appointment is not an option.
Tier 1
Is there really a powerful secret society operating in this abandoned part of Brooklyn? If there is, there must be clues around somewhere, or at the very least someone who can provide information.
  • Come to grips with your inception and follow the recruiter's directions
  • Look for a lead in the laundromat

Wild, unwieldy energy courses through you; energy that has attracted a visit from an agent of a mysterious and powerful organisation. Keeping it inside and under control is almost unbearable.

Tier 2
Dave Screed says the Illuminati are watching. They are always watching. If this is part of your interview, there should be evidence and a trail somewhere.
  • Find evidence of surveillance in the laundromat
  • Find more surveillance equipment outside
  • Follow the trail of surveillance equipment
  • Follow the trail of surveillance equipment
  • Follow the Illuminati markings
  • Examine the Illuminati symbols
Tier 3
The musty warehouse looks abandoned and Dave Screed didn't seem like he was all there... but the promise of a trail persists.
  • Examine the Illuminati symbols
Tier 4
At the end of the labyrinth of corridors, this doorway looks like the entrance to another world.
  • Enter the Illuminati complex.


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Come to grips with your inception and follow the recruiter's directions
    • This will be the objective while the cut scenes play, and will automatically advance once they are completed
    • Once they are completed, you will be in New York
  • Look for a lead in the laundromat

Tier 2/4

  • Find evidence of surveillance in the laundromat
    • There will be a yellow-outlined camera on the wall behind you
  • Find more surveillance equipment outside
    • Leave the Laundr-o-mat and there will be a yellow-outline camera on the wall to your left
  • Follow the trail of surveillance equipment
    • Continue down the road
    • There will be a camera (not yellow-outlined) on the corner of the building across the street
  • Follow the trail of surveillance equipment
    • Take the street to the left
    • As you cross the street, there will be cameras on the corner of both buildings to the right
  • Follow the Illuminati markings
    • There will be an open door to the right with a blue triangle illuminati graffiti around it, enter the door
  • Examine the Illuminati symbols
    • Down the first flight of stairs will be graffiti on the wall of a blue hand with an eye in the palm
    • The graffiti will have white [ ] brackets around it for you to use

Tier 3/4

  • Follow the trail of Illuminati symbols
    • There will be more of the blue hand graffiti throughout the Illuminati Maze, follow the directions they point
    • Eventually you will get to a grey concrete entrance with the Illuminati symbol inside it

Tier 4/4

  • Enter the Illuminati complex.


  • None


  • None


First Contact Scene

Talent Shark: (whistles)
Talent Shark: Somebody's been bad. I approve. Mind if I come in?
Talent Shark: Time is ticking so I'll cut straight to the chase.
Talent Shark: I work in talent acquisition, specializing in a highly unconventional sector for a very particular client.
Talent Shark: And they're particularly interested in your kind of talent. Fucking stuff up...
Talent Shark: putting it back together. Altering the fabric of space and time. Basic thaumaturgy.
Talent Shark: My client is only interested in the best of the best.
Talent Shark: That's where I come in.
Talent Shark: Your talent is raw, but it's...obvious.
Talent Shark: My client has the means to refine that talent and make the most of what you've got, and I'm not talking about money.
Talent Shark: Well, not just money.
Talent Shark: Protection. Power. The best parties in the biz.
Talent Shark: We're prepared to give you a unique opportunity.
Talent Shark: A chance to prove you've got what it takes to hang with the big boys and girls.
Talent Shark: To rule the world.
Talent Shark: It's up to you to grab that opportunity by the balls.
Talent Shark: Based on what I've seen so far, you might be what I'm looking for. Or...
Talent Shark: you might end up dead.
Talent Shark: Time will tell. Tick...tock.
Talent Shark: You have an appointment tomorrow in Brooklyn that I'd recommend you keep.
Talent Shark: There's no address. Consider this the commencement of your official interview.
Talent Shark: Find us.
Talent Shark: Or we'll find you.
Talent Shark: My client has...eyes everywhere.
Talent Shark: Don't be stupid.
Talent Shark: (snaps) Later, gator!

Laundromat Scene

Dave Screed: No, no, no...too much visibility on the street.
Dave Screed: They're listening, they're always listening.
Dave Screed: That's why I keep the dryers running 24/7.
Dave Screed: They bugged my phones, read my mail...
Dave Screed: They have this place on CCTV...
Dave Screed: Replaced my girlfriend with an android.
Dave Screed: The Illuminati. I know you know, and they know I know. You know? (laughs)
Dave Screed: Oh, you're wondering why they haven't disappeared me, shut down my magazine?
Dave Screed: It's 'cause I play smart. I play along.
Dave Screed: It's a game to them, you know, it's all just a game!
Leah Cassini: (Comes in and snaps a picture)
Dave Screed: (to Leah) Oh, hi, h-hi, Leah.
Dave Screed: (Back to you) Don't worry, sh-she-she's not one of Them. She's in my D&D group.
Dave Screed: Roleplaying is the only avenue to resist control!
Dave Screed: We do nothing, nothing, they don't tell us to.
Dave Screed: They've been conditioning us in-i-i-in every kind of media for years, OK.
Dave Screed: Example: Pac-Man.
Dave Screed: That's how they see you, ju-ju-ju-just a little head, just a mindshare.
Dave Screed: And you run through the mazes, the mazes they built, sucking down their pills -
Dave Screed: the fruit, the forbidden wisdom of Eden, never enough -
Dave Screed: and you can't shake the fuckin' ghosts, right?
Dave Screed: I mean, they're watching you, their eyes are always watching you,
Dave Screed: even beyond death!
Dave Screed: This all adds up!
Dave Screed: That's where you'll find the Illuminati, at the dark centre.
Dave Screed: In the ghost house. In the Labyrinth.
Dave Screed: It's right here! Just-just follow the yellow dot road. (laughs)
Dave Screed: That's all I can say.

Illuminati Complex Scene

As you are blacking in and out:

Kirsten Geary: You know the drill, run them through Due Diligence.
Charles Zurn: I'm on it.
Charles Zurn: Please, no head trauma!
Illuminati Guard: Someone ping Cassini to shut the fucking alarm off.
Charles Zurn: Say, have you ever seen a person void themselves from exposure to pink noise?
Illuminati Guard: Get these two freaks out of here.

When you come to:

Charles Zurn: Hi. Have you ever seen a psychiatrist or taken psychedelic drugs?
Charles Zurn: Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't freak out,
Charles Zurn: you've got a lot of narcosynthetics in your system. To fast-track the rapport process.
Charles Zurn: So, make yourself comfortable, before you lose motor function in your arms and legs.
Charles Zurn: "Is it safe?" (laughs)
Charles Zurn: Ha, no. I'm just fucking with you.
Charles Zurn: I'm a researcher, an experimental researcher-
Kirsten Geary: (Over computer) Zurn, my schedule is triple-booked, so get started ten minutes ago.
Charles Zurn: (to Kirsten Gear) Yes, ma'am, Ms Geary!
Charles Zurn: (to you again) Management.
Kirsten Geary: Ahem, still here.
Charles Zurn: (turns off computer) Shit. Knew that. He-he-he. Wow. Illuminati, always there.
Charles Zurn: Okay, today we're going to be provoking your extrahuman potential.
Charles Zurn: Routine tests, psychic driving, invasive procedures, autosuggestion.
Charles Zurn: This is all going to happen while you're under a post-hypnosis roleplaying scenario,
Charles Zurn: I won't worry about it.
Charles Zurn: I'm going to play you a looped recording of the catastrophe in Tokyo.
Charles Zurn: And then, with a little...
Charles Zurn: chemical assistance, your uninhibited neurons are going to work their...
Charles Zurn: crazy magic.
Charles Zurn: I won't lie to you, this is going to be an intense out-of-body experience.
Charles Zurn: Wow! I'm pretty excited myself.
Charles Zurn: (as your eyes start to close) And...subject has...left the building.

Other Information

  • After the final cutscene, you will wake up in the Tokyo subway, where you will pick up with the mission Ground Zero





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