No Mercy

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AbilityBackgroundMelee.pngNo Mercy.pngAbilityBorderNormal.png
Weapon HA
Cell Excessive Damage
Cost 16 AP
Type Active
Target Column
Cast Time (s) Instant
Recharge (s) Instant
Consumes All Hammer resources
Improvement Abilities Punishment
Included in Deck Bodyguard

Note: Damage and Healing amounts listed are base amounts on a new character and will be modified by item ratings.


  • Punishment can increase crit power rating by 150 at 5 stacks. You know you'll be critting...

Tips and Tactics

  • Excellent ability when you know you'll be dealing with groups of adds during a boss fight or swarms when questing.
  • The auto-crit buff lasts 30 seconds, plenty of time to open your next pull with big damage.

Known Issues

  • As of 1.3 until 1.8.5, there used to be a bug which caused the auto-crit buff to not apply after killing an enemy. This has been fixed in 1.9.