Ninja (Deck)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the Deck. For other uses, see Ninja.

Ninja (Deck)
Ninja (Deck).jpg
Secret Society: The Dragon
Weapon 1: Blade
Weapon 2: Elemental Focus

The Ninja is a careful killer, using elemental powers to setup a target then finishing with blades. The deck promotes using elemental attacks to cripple and damage enemies from range, then dashing in for the final blow. A Ninja's blade attacks also benefit from high penetration chance.

The Elite abilities provide guaranteed penetrating strikes and damage-over-time infliction. Interplay between these effect is key to the deck's effectiveness.

Weapons Needed

Active Abilities

  • Blaze - [27 AP, Active, Single Attack, Single] - An elementalism attack that deals a large amount of damage to your target. Exploits afflicted state. Consumes three elemental resources.

  • Flashpoint - [34 AP, Active, Single Attack, Single] - A single target elementalism attack that deals a small amount of damage and damage over time. Sets afflicted state. Conditional effects.
  • Ice Manifestation - [34 AP, Active, Summon, TAoE] - Places an ice manifestation at the targeted point that deals damage and roots nearby enemies. Sets hindered state.

Passive Abilities

  • Aidelon - [34 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target, Modifies: Blaze] - Blaze will always critically hit targets in afflicted state.


Ninja achievement

  • Complete the Ninja deck.