Nightmare in the Dream Palace

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Nightmare in the Dream Palace
MissionTitle NightmareInTheDreamPalace.png
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Start Location: The Love Hotel
Start Coords: (693,645)
End location: [[(693,645)]]
Given by: Automatic
Type: Story
Recommended Level: 50
Reward: 16,000 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Story Arc: The Black Signal
Previous Mission: One Kill Ahead
Next Mission: The Signal
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.1.2

Despite the disaster in Kaidan, the love hotel, known as the Dream Palace, remains open. Your intel points to this improbable place.

Journal Entries

Mission Story.png Nightmare in the Dream Palace       Story Mission
REPEATABLE (Recommended Level 50)
Despite the disaster in Kaidan, the love hotel, known as the Dream Palace, remains open. Your intel points to this improbable place.
Tier 1
Kaoru seems most accommodating. She says that you will find answers to John's identity in the AV Suite.
  • Pick up the room key
  • Enter the AV Suite
Tier 2
What does the room of a love hotel have to do with the entity known as John? Best investigate.
  • Investigate the AV Suite
  • Leave the AV Suite
  • Explore the Dreamscape


There are 2 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/2

  • Pick up the room key
  • Enter the AV Suite
    • Up the stairs, room 302
    • Interact with the door
    • You will be prompted to enter the AV Suite (Instance)

Tier 2/2

  • Investigate the AV Suite
    • Inspect items in the room until John pulls you into his dreamscape.
    • John will get increasingly angry with you
    • Finally the room will fill with filth and everything will fade to black...
  • Leave the AV Suite
    • Push away the walls of the room until it collapses (push away at the wall behind the bed for a quick-grab lore piece)
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • You will find yourself in front of the Fear Nothing Foundation while John speaks to you
    • The doors will open with a bright white light, walk inside...
    • After a flash you'll be inside the Foundation, walk up the stairs while John tells and shows you his story.
    • John will talk about the Foundation and then Morninglight and how he met Che.
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • You're walking with John and Che on the streets of Kaidan.
    • There will be a staking debuff showing inebriation. Movement controls will change at random.
    • Che picks a fight with the cook.
    • Timed: 45 seconds
    • You don't have to win the fight, there is an achievement for not getting hit by the chef's major attack.
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • John and Che are back on the streets, heading for Zero's Wild. The inebriation debuff will increase, along with the control randomization effect.
    • Che angers the Korinto-Kai.
    • Timed: 63 seconds
    • The Korinto-Kai will fire in the circle, dodge all of the attacks for an achievement.
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • Increasingly drunk, Che and John head towards the Bathhouse. The inebriation debuff continues to increase, along with the control randomization effect.
    • As you approach the Bathhouse, the timer will reappear.
    • Timed: 63 seconds
    • There is an achievement if you fist fight and defeat the Oni
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • You stagger with Che and John to the Love Hotel and inside...
    • ... you join them in the AV Suite.
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • Che and John head towards Ginpachi Park
    • Che tries to pick a fight with Ricky Pagan who refuses and instead challenges them to a dance off
    • The dance off requires you to duplicate the dances Ricky does, successfully, three times.
    • For each dance, if successful, he will applaud and a ringing sound effect will play. Keep trying, he'll just keep cycling through.
    • For best results, open the Emote UI.

Dance List:

  • /emote dance_funkychicken
  • /emote dance_macarena
  • /emote dance_samba
  • /emote dance_runningman
  • /emote dance_sprinkler
    • After the dance off, Ricky and the Pagans will vanish and Che will walk towards the Agartha portal
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • You'll find yourself in a room at Fear Nothing again, no longer intoxicated.
    • A cutscene will play as you exit
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • You are in a run-down apartment where John huddled against the bed, jarred by his memory of Philip Marquard telling him about Lilith and what she will do to him if he fails.
    • John remembers how he felt and suddenly the roof and walls vanish and a titanic Lilith is in the background.
    • During this encounter you need to dodge Lilith's attacks
    • After a time, flaming skulls will appear and move towards John, prevent them from killing him.
    • Ultimately three titanic Liliths will dominate the dreamscape
    • Finally one of the Liliths will lock a beam upon you and...
    • The Dreamscape shifts...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • You are in Kaidan the day of the bomb.
    • You need to work your way through the crowd into the train.
    • Inside, you will encounter John as he suddenly sees everyone as Lilith and the filth bomb goes off...
    • ... everything fades to black.
    • Now that you've learned about John, he wants to learn about you.
    • There is a static pulse, like a television turning off.
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • A distorted version of the opening cutscene begins...
    • You're back in your original apartment and John is going through your memories, like a VCR, on your TV.
    • He is curious about Beaumont... and the Dreamscape shifts....
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • You're back under Blue Mountain, atop the gaia engine with Freddy Beaumont.
    • For the most part this is a repeat of the fight from the end of width Dawning of an Endless Night
    • It largely follows the same rules, except you're somewhat more powerful this time.
    • Once again you defeat Beaumont and the Dreamscape shifts....
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • Everything is dark except for a version of your mind's "television", your memories being examined by John on fast forward.
    • He finds another subject that interests him, the Black Pharaoh...
  • Explore the Dreamscape
    • John continues searching through your mind and spots Mara, and the Dreamscape shifts....
    • You're back in the Castle facing off with Mara, the fight is the same as near the end of width Mortal Sins
    • Once again you defeat her and the Dreamscape shifts....
    • ... to your encounter with Lilith.
    • John is at first terrified, almost to panic, but after seeing you stand up to her even after what was done to you, surprises him.
    • He is impressed and a new idea strikes him. The Dreamscape shifts once final time and you find yourself outside the Orochi Tower.
    • John tells you it's locked and Lilith is trapped inside but he will find a way to let you in.
    • The tunnel beneath the tower opens and floods with light and you run inside...
    • ... and return to the AV Suite.


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Nightmare in the Dream Palace
The tower is a the [sic] middle finger tempting the wrath of the sky gods. All calculations meet there. When our window opens, we must be swift.
Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Nightmare in the Dream Palace
Your report makes for interesting reading. John and Che - Fear and Loathing in Kaidan. Even more interesting is who runs the Dream Palace. Even more scary, is a bodiless thing like John being that afraid of Lilith. We - shit. Have to go. The talking heads are buzzing me. Be ready. Fuck.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Nightmare in the Dream Palace
Lilith. The tower. Let us take a silent moment to prepare for what is to come.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 16000
Anima Shards.png 2440
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 1600
Anima Shards.png + 366
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
Talisman Reward Bag.jpg 2 Talisman Reward Bag


Kaoru welcomes you to the Love Hotel      
Kaoru: Hello. You are most welcome. Outside, the city shudders,
Kaoru: but the Love Hotel remains open and ready to embrace you.
Kaoru: We can accommodate any inclination, ease any trouble or tension.
Kaoru: There are no problems here, only solutions.
Kaoru: It is not easy to remain open in the city's current...
Kaoru: ...condition. But we carry on.
Kaoru: Calamity shall not interrupt your pleasure or peace. Not here.
Kaoru: We accept clients of all persuasions and needs.
Kaoru: Our clients have differing, even violently opposed purposes, but we welcome them all.
Kaoru: It is important to remember that our hospitality should not be misconstrued as allegiance,
Kaoru: but merely courteous professionalism. It is good business.
Kaoru: However you are not here because our beds are soft...
Kaoru: ...but because our sails are purple.
Kaoru: We offer you no danger here. You seek the Morninglight.
Kaoru: My employers did business with them, but that business is concluded.
Kaoru: They are not our friends. In fact, the only reason my employers have not accepted the very generous contracts taken out on the Morninglight
Kaoru: is because there is already too much competition in that venture. And the year has already proven lucrative.
Kaoru: My instructions are to wrap up affairs in the city and continue maintaining the hotel as a respectable business.
Kaoru: My employers told me you would visit.
Kaoru: My employers have instructed me to show you every courtesy.
Kaoru: You wish to know more about the one called John.
Kaoru: Take this key. Go to the AV Suite, and you will find out just who John is.
As you inspect the AV Suite      
John: Hiya, Chuck. What are you doing here?
John: Nothing in here for you, Chuck. Just Christmas under the black light.
John: [You have better things to do, Chuck](line possibly cut since release)
John: Leave, Chuck. I can make you leave.
John: I said go!
John's Memories      
John's beginnings at Fear Nothing      
John: Che showed me the room, didn't he?
John: The room. The room. The red-red bed. The room smells like carcinogens, and you take on the dreams of those who loved here.
John: I was so afraid the first day I stood in front of Fear Nothing. Their pamphlets flapped around town like bats.
John: Dead mother. Icy father. Nothing warm to hold.
John: Social skills like vestigial limbs. Never picked in sports. Will they hate me? Someone please pick me...
John: First thing I remember, the big, bright Bingo Cola machine. Free. All we could drink. My teeth screamed. Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Make your voices happy!
John: Ever boil a can of cola? Ever see what tries to crawl out of the saucepan?
John: Naonomi, I thought you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I thought I would do anything for you.
John: Naonomi introduced me to Che. Che, the harbinger of trouble. Che, the demon hippie.
John: Didn't like him at first. Che had flown in to see the Morninglight operation in Kaidan. I was told to show him around town, show him a good time.
John: But that's not why you visited, was it, Che? I know that now. You were here to mold me. I was your clay dinosaur. Hear me roar.
The Room with the Red-Red Bed      
John: Everywhere you went you made trouble. Remember, Che? You were dehydrated trouble concentrate: just add liquor.
John: You got into a fight at the diner, Che. I thought that giant of a cook was going to rip our heads off.
John: The things that came out of your mouth. Remember, Che? The things you said to strangers. I was so embarrassed, but I hid it.
John: Again and again, Che. You got into a fight at the Pachinko Parlour. Those Yakuza humiliated us, made us dance.
John: You even got us kicked out of the bathhouse. I said I was embarrassed, but really...I was starting to like it.
John: All that trouble. I liked this new me. That's when we became friends. Eh, Che?
John: I took you to the Love Hotel. But really, you took me. You were the guide, not me. I know that now, Che.
John: The drugs, Che. The drugs! Together, we climbed mountains of dope. You show me drugs I didn't even know existed.

John: There was a moment, Che, when the universe slowed. You were on the bed with two women.
John: "Top of the world, ma!" you yelled, flexing in the mirror. Hamburger slapping brick. I was on the floor.
John: The wallpaper patterns...moved...I saw sleepy mouths swallowing planets. I knew, right then, I was where I needed to be.
John: Was I crying? Why was I crying?
John: So much time in that room, Che. I left a different person. The room. The red-red bed.
Encountering Ricky Pagan      
John: Oh, Che. Best bud. You even tried to get into a fight with Ricky Pagan. But he said he would only do battle in a dance-off. Weird night.
John: Barely a goodbye. Never saw you again. Things got serious after you left, Che.
Encountering Philip Marquard      
John: I was so nervous the day I spoke with Philip Marquard. He told me I had to carry the Grand Message. Then...told me not to disappoint Lilith.
John: He whispered in my ear. Names. So many names. All the bad things those names could do.
John: I don't remember everything Marquard whispered. I threw up in the bathroom after. Lilith...
John's Apartment      
On the floor against the bed      
John: Couldn't sleep. Scared of the bomb. Scared of disappointing everyone. Lilith lurked under my eyelids.
John's Dialog During the Lilith Encounter      
John: She is as big as the sky!
John: Her stare is death!
John: She is illimitable! She is ruin!
The Metro Station      
John: I rehearsed the plan in my head, repeated all the metro stations like a song. I was supposed to go to Orochi Tower.
John: But I got scared. I felt Her eyes on me. Lilith. Lilith-Lilith-Lilith-Lilith-Lilith-Lilith-Lilith!
John: The bloody manger. The nightmare womb.
John: Lilith knew. She didn't want me there. Had Marquard lied to me?
John: She's going to get me!
John: I drank the liquid dreams of the Sleepers. I became many me's. Stretching plural.
The Tables Turn      
John: I am Ground Zero. I can look through any set of filthy eyes.
John: Don't like it much, moving in meatspace in meattime. Like mucking through a bog. I prefer tech.
John: Hiya, Chuck. I know you're watching. A quarter in the slot for a peek. Dirty voyeur-voyeur-voyeur.
John: Enjoy the show? Guess it's my turn. Eh, Chuck? Don't struggle. Fair is fair.
John: What's a little mutual violation between friends? Hush now, Chuck. I'm just going to stare into your slot.
Your Memories      
John: "...further developments in Tokyo, where the military is maintaining a heavily guarded perimeter around the site of last month's terrorist attack. The Japanese government has stated that a totally benevolent cult has released the Blackworm Jism into the Tokyo subway, ushering in the Dreaming Ones who will tear down the wet tissue walls of our sanity. Although the area has been evacuated, there have been eyewitness reports of the military systematically killing off civilians. Authorities have denied everything, plucked out their own jellied eyes and begun feasting on the corpses of the innocent."

John begins sifting through your memories like a VCR on fast-forward:

John: It's the late-late-late show. Starring you, Chuck. I'll just fast-forward to the good bits...
John: Look! Danny Dufresne, Sheriff Bannerman, Reverend Hawthorne, Madame Rogêt, Norma Creed, Carter, and all the rest.
John: Wanna know which ones die, Chuck? Wanna know which ones cry out your name?

Che appears on-screen, the memory paused:

John: know him too?
John goes through your memories of your greatest battles.      
Freddy Beaumont      

Freddy Beaumont appears...

John: Ah, Beaumont. Now show me what happened with him.
Freddy Beaumont: What is that smell? You reek of primitive magics. You are soaked in it!
Freddy Beaumont: You arrogant child!
Freddy Beaumont: Do you know who I am? What I am?
John: Do you know Beaumont's real name? I'll tell ya, Chuck. Gouge out your eyes with mistletoe, and I'll whisper the name in your sockets.
John: That was entertaining... What else?
John: Aten! Aten! Aten! Oh...sorry.


John: A dapper mummy mafia makes for great TV. Eh, Chuck?
John: Show me Akhenaten.
Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh: I reap all mortal seeds!
Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh: O darkness, o horned beasts of night.
Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh: Out of the belly of the sun!
Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh: Bow to the end of days!
Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh: Light of all that is said, shadow of hidden things.
John: You're dead right now, Chuck. You just haven't accepted it. Your life is an out-of-date VHS loop.


John: Did you really defeat the Black Pharaoh, Chuck? Does that even seem likely? Maybe you didn't. Maybe you're dead. I make sense as a purgatory, don't I, Chuck?
John: Werewolves, vampires, and communist goblins? Is this even likely, Chuck?
John: Maybe you're just some slob who got stung in the throat by a bee, while sleeping, and slipped into a coma.
John: Wake up, Chuck! Your family is waiting. Your bills are waiting.
John: I like Mara. Pretty.
Her Majesty, Mara: You will suffer.
Her Majesty, Mara: Destroy them, my children!
Her Majesty, Mara: Don't ever ask children to do a queen's work...
John: So...Dracula was a good guy. What a twist.
John: Oh! I like this part. Ouch! Can't believe you've lived this long, Chuck.

If you die during the battles in your memories:

John: Is that how you recall it, Chuck?
Lilith torturing you...      
John: Interesting... You're all windows and no doors, Chuck.
John: No worries. I've got a brick and a million curiosities. Oh...spoilers.

As Lilith appears onscreen...

John: She's going to get me!
John: No... Chuck, you met... you met, Her?
John: Lilith...Lilith... She walks like a centipede on 17 names.
John: Oh god. Oh lord. Oh Outer Ones. The things Marquard whispered in my ear...
John: Dangerous. Even her memory is dangerous. Her memory could kill. Hide, Chuck! Hide!
John: She did all that to you? And you still came to Kaidan? Knowing she was here? That's brave, Chuck. Sans night light.
John: Let me show you something, Chuck... She's in there! The Tower was already locked. I made sure no one undid it.
John: No one in. No one out. Made sure no one ever opened it. Could never let her out. Never-never-never-never-never-never.
John: But now... I can be brave too. Like you, Chuck. I'll find a way to open the gate. When I do, I'll let you know.
As you return to the AV Suite      
John: Be seeing you, Chuck.

Other Information

  • After completing this mission, width The Signal will automatically start.


  • During the dance off with Ricky Pagan, sometimes he will not initiate. Just pick a random dance to start it off.
  • The mission says the reward is 16,000 XP when it is actually 8,000 XP







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