Nightmare (Monster Ability)

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This is not so much a typical Monster ability as it is a flag that this monster is going to be harder to fight than similar monsters in the region. Typically when the developers want the monster to conn using normal Monster Difficulty icons, but also want to give the monster some additional abilities that similar monsters in the area would not have.

The Nightmare ability can grant various abilities to a monster. The ones listed below are confirmed to be in game.

  • Icon: Nightmare status icon.png
  • Effect: Various effects, including:
    • Banishment - The monster takes 50% less damage than normal from all attacks. However after players have Weakened it with 5 stacks of any Weakened effect, it then takes 50% more damage than normal from all attacks until the end of combat.
    • Berserker - If the monster is not Impaired, it periodically (interval Unknown) gains a stack of the Berserker buff. Whenever the monster is Impaired, one stack of Berserker is removed for each second it is impaired
    • Contaminatino - Whenever the monster hits a player, it applies the Contamination debuff
    • Deathless Mantra - Every 5 seconds, if the players do not do Unknown amount of damage to the monster , the monster gains a stack of Deathless Mantra
    • Germination - The monster gains Germination at the start of combat. When Germination expires, the monster gains Stinging Spines
    • Might of the Draugr - When the monster is at 30% health remaining, all damage it does is increased by 50% for the remainder of the combat
    • Minion - This monster has some lesser monster using it's abilities to give protection or power to the primary monster. The exact abilities or buffs will vary depending on the monster and its minion
    • Rapid Deterioration - Whenever the monster causes a character to become Afflicted, the character also gets one stack of The Mark of Affliction. Whenever the character has 10 stacks of The Mark of Affliction on it, they are removed and the character is Afflicted by the Rapid Deterioration effect, DoT
    • Regenerative Cells - Whenever the monster has less than 50% health remaining, it periodically expends Regenerative Cells to restore health.
    • Suppressed - The monster does 50% more damage than normal. When it makes a target Hindered, the target (player) does 50% less damage
    • Suppressive Attack - The monster does 50% more damage than normal. Also, when it makes a target/player Afflicted, the player gains a single stack of Suppressive Attack. While the player has 5 stacks of Suppressive Attack, they do 50% less damage.
    • Increased Rating - The monster has a higher than average ability score in one of these abilities:
  • Duration: Nightmare status itself is permanent, however effects it causes may have various durations

Note: See also Triggers (Monster Ability) and Resistances (Monster Ability) for other abilities that are typically applied whenever this ability is applied.