Nicolas Belmont

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Nicolas Belmont
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Species: Human
Nationality: French
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Nicolas Belmont is an explorer first introduced in the Dark Days Are Coming event, an apparent accomplice and companion of Roald Amundsen. Aveline Belmont is his great granddaughter.

Not much is known about him, except that he enjoyed chess and game theory, and what was recorded in his journals. However, it is possible they were forgeries. [1]


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Nicolas Belmont was born in France. It is unclear of how or when he got into exploration and met Roald Amundsen.

There are some peculiarities in the timeline of his expeditions with Amundsen. In 1923, according to Dawning of an Endless Night, Nicolas was in Antarctica with Roald Amundsen. He is mentioned in Amundsen's notes, found in the Ice Caves by the player. [2] This would presumably make it the initial expedition that led to them discovering the gate and disturbing the dreamers. However, according to the information in The Photo, Nicolas and Amundsen had already been to the gate in 1921. [3] Rations would have likely run out by 1923, so the only possible expedition is they have been to the Ice Caves on three separate occasions.

In 1924, Nicolas wrote to his wife under great distress, explaining he will never see her again. He urged her to bring their child to go west to the New World where they will be taken care of. [4] It is assumed they ended up in Canada, possibly Halifax, as that is where Aveline Belmont found the key he had hidden. [5]

Several years after sending the final letter to his wife, Nicolas embarked on a final expedition with Roald Amundsen in 1928 to the North Pole in order to bury what they had accidentally started. Roald Amundsen successfuly faked his disappearance in the Barents Sea and met up with Nicolas before continuing their journey to the North Pole. He writes in his journals feeling a sense of guilt, how their previous expedition to Antarctica may have sped up the end of the age by generations, along with the secret societies desire to use their discoveries to their advantages. When he arrived, he left his journals in the care of the ship's captain, with the intention of no one ever reading them. [6]

When the player explores the Dreaming Prison over the storyline, they encounter memories of Amundsen. It is unclear when these memories took place exactly, but when Amundsen reaches the gate Nicolas described, it was already open. As the player continues to explore, it is revealed that Amundsen was actually looking for Nicolas, as they had been separated for an unknown amount of time in the caves. It is unclear if they ever found each other, as Amundsen was last seen marveling at the inside of a Gaia Engine. Nicolas mysterious absence has never been explained, nor has what happened there.


Since then, there has hardly been a trace of Nicolas Belmont. Despite this, he has been relentlessly pursued by both Aveline Belmont and the secret societies. There are some hints that he may still be alive and about. At the Orochi Research Base in the Blue Mountain, occasionally an alert can be heard saying "The wagtail is flying. I repeat, the wagtail is flying."

Nicolas is further referenced in the achievement In Belmont's Shadow during The City Beneath Us. There are also several posts around the world advertising a comic book "Cabal 1928" authored by Amundsen and Belmont, with the issue title "Down and out in Babylon & Shanghai." It may be a coincidence, but the protagonist on the cover is wielding a whip, and a great Pyramid stands in the background. Aveline was also last seen in Shanghai. [7]

When the player explores the Ice Caves and encounters memories of Aveline Belmont, she recognizes the memories of Amundsen, she comes to the conclusion that Nicolas must still be down there, in 2009.



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