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Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Location: Marya Encampment
Faction: Marya
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Nassir is one of the Marya warriors encountered in the Scorched Desert of Valley of the Sun God.

If there are two things he loves more than anything else - it is dancing, and blowing things up.



Involved in

  • width Pumped Up - truck bed in Marya Stand (near pump station)



  • Yourself #1:
Nassir: They call me Nassir, "the boom-boom man."
Nassir: They call me this because I make things go boom, yes?
  • Yourself #2:
Nassir: I trained with the Americans. Explosive experts. Special Forces.
Nassir: They teach me everything about bombs, about C4, about how to blow shit up.
Nassir: How to blow shit up on other dimensions.
Nassir: They were special Special Forces.
  • Yourself #3:
Nassir: I stay with them for two years learning all the secrets, all the tricks.
Nassir: Before the desert swallowed them.
Nassir: Now I am Special Forces. Marya Special Forces.
  • Yourself #4:
Nassir: And I make things go boom-boom.

The Marya

  • The Marya #1:
Nassir: We are Marya, the young warriors -
Nassir: but despite our name, we are not so young.
Nassir: We have been here for many, many, many generations.
Nassir: Our tribe has made an ancient promise to our ancestors, the Sentinels,
Nassir: and it is our duty, our destiny, to protect this valley.
  • The Marya #2:
Nassir: From the time of the Black Pharaoh, we have kept his spirit contained.
Nassir: But now he whispers. Now he dreams.
Nassir: And his armies are rising once more.
  • The Marya #3:
Nassir: This is the time we have been waiting for, and we must keep our promises...
Nassir: or die trying.

The City of the Sun God

  • The City of the Sun God #1:
Nassir: Beyond those mountains is the place where the Black Pharaoh built his city.
Nassir: It has been concealed and protected since his body was entombed in his pyramid.
  • The City of the Sun God #2:
Nassir: Now he rises again, and this time into a different world.
Nassir: He can do great damage, him and his dark god.
Nassir: It is not a good time for the forces of darkness to grow stronger.
  • The City of the Sun God #3:
Nassir: So we cannot let this happen. I cannot let this happen.
Nassir: For ancestors in the past, for ancestors in the future.

The Secret World

  • The Secret World #1:
Nassir: This world is old, older than the Marya.
Nassir: Older than pharaohs and gods, older than the mountains.
Nassir: Older than the sky, even!
Nassir: There is magic always in the world, and people can use this magic for good and for evil.
  • The Secret World #2:
Nassir: You are of magic, never forget this, and it's important to use this gift for good.
  • The Secret World #3:
Nassir: The people who do not understand this...
Nassir: they are the reason why we fight.