British Museum of the Occult

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

British Museum of the Occult
British Museum of the Occult.jpg
Map Coordinates: (245,268)
Zone: London
Type: Player versus environment

The Museum of the Occult in Ealdwic, London, is a feature in Secret World Legends that allows players to personalize their own museum gallery of monsters found throughout the game world. It is the closest feature Secret World Legends has to player housing. It functions as a form of horizontal progression, allowing the use of Anima Shards to unlock display pedestals, which eventually opens access to Mnemonic Guardians, a form of combat pets. Each pedestal also requires players to earn specific Achievements and find specific Legends before they may be unlocked.

See the Museum Display page for a list of monster displays found in the Museum and their associated unlock costs.



  • None


Museum of the Occult map swl.jpg


There are a large number of Achievements associated with the Museum. For a full list, see Museum of the Occult achievements.


See Legend:Museum for legend location and information related to the Museum.

Other Information

Personal Statue

In the front of the museum is a personal statue. Like the monster pedestals, different poses are available to unlock. These posses are accessible for completing certain Museum of the Occult achievements. The clothing of the statue can be changed to whatever the player is wearing and then saved, so that it can maintain any clothing desired.

Known Poses:

  • Arms Crossed
  • Hands on Hips
  • Facepalm
  • Salute
  • Jazz Hands
  • Heroic (flexing)

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is composed of four separate vendors who sell a variety of items available based on one's progress in the museum. The gift shop will sell shirts, glamours, pets, and Mnemonic Guardians. For a list of items sold and the requirements to purchase them, see individual vendor pages.


There are thirteen total wings in the Museum of the Occult. Each wing encompasses a different group of monsters or a different theme.

Wings are unlocked by purchasing a Curator's Contract from The Curator found in the museum. Unlocking a wing lets you start building the Museum Displays within that wing. It also awards 20,125 Experience when a wing is unlucked.

Within each wing, there are a number of pedestals for displaying monsters of that type as well as one large central exhibit. The Centerpiece, like the pedestals around it, has varying levels to unlock; however, it is situated in the center of the room and comes with a scene alongside its monster display. The Centerpiece is not of a monster type, but typically of a special boss or entity that embodies the spirit of the wing best. Both the monster and the scene surrounding it are upgraded as the centerpiece is. The scene will fill out, but the poses unlocked through upgrading are, like the pedestals throughout the museum, something one can pick and choose at their desire.

In order to start a Museum Display you must first meet the requirements for that exhibit, as described on the display's tablet. Then you must place a Mnemonic Pedestal - Classic at that location. These can be purchased from The Curator. Once you have an exhibit, you can upgrade it (when you meet the new requirements) by purchasing an Mnemonic Pedestal - Superior and then Mnemonic Pedestal - Paragon.

In order to start a central Museum Display, you must first have started all other displays in that wing. You must then meet any other requirements outlined on it's tablet. Then you can place a Central Mnemonic Pedestal - Classic. The central exhibit can also be upgraded, by using Central Mnemonic Pedestal - Superior and Central Mnemonic Pedestal - Paragon when the requirements to do so have been met.

There is also a secret pedestal level that will be acquired through drops from certain monster types. These items can be traded to other players.

  • New England
    • Local Legends of New England
    • Cycle of the Draug
    • The Reanimated
  • Egypt
    • The Fauna of Egypt
    • The Cult of Aten
  • Transylvania
    • Local Legends of Transylvania
    • Menagerie of the Vampire
  • Tokyo
    • Orochi: Audacity or Folly?
    • The Spectral Realms
  • Global
    • Strains of the Filth
    • Guardians and Automatons
    • The Children of Hell
  • Oddities

For a full list of museum displays and their requirements, see Museum Display.


Upon placing a centerpiece in a given wing, you are given a damage bonus when fighting monsters displayed in that wing. The damage bonus is:

  •  ?? Centerpieces = 4.41% Chance to deal additional 25 damage to creatures in wings you have a centerpiece in
  • 11 Centerpieces = 6.93% Chance to deal additional 30 damage to creatures in wings you have a centerpiece in