Mummy Issues

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Mummy Issues
Recommended Level: 44
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Starting Coords: (982,685)
End location: Temple of Rib-Hadda
Given by: Amir
Type: Action
Reward: 7080 Experience
Repeatable: Yes

Mission Action.png Mummy Issues       Main Mission
Amir is sworn to protect Gaia and life on Earth, despite his personal disgust with humans. But the hollow shells of the mummies that swarm the scourged wasteland is not life as he sees it. For those, only eternal damnation and final death awaits.
Tier 1
The area surrounding the nearby temple is overrun by mummies. Amir detests their very existence and wants them undone.
  • Make your way to the nearby temple
Tier 2
The mummified soldiers were protecting the interior of the temple. There must be a reason. Enter the temple and examine it.
  • Investigate the scribe room.
  • Entice the head scribe to show himself
  • Destroy Head Scribe Amensidsjaankh
Tier 3
As his dry body fell to the ground, the head scribe dropped an old stone table. It might divulge important information about the master of this temple.
  • Examine the head scribe's tablet
  • Locate the tomb of Rib-Hadda
  • Find a way inside the tomb
Tier 4
Whoever was entombed here must be powerful - powerful enough to control the scores of mummies in the area. Destroying him would surely weaken the undead army.
  • Defeat Rib-Hadda


During this mission make sure to pick up the Blood-stained ledger in order to start the mission Envoys of Rib-Hadda, as the room the item is in is locked unless you are working on the Mummy Issues mission.

Tier 1/4

Tier 2/4

  • Investigate the scribe room
  • Entice the head scribe to show himself
    • Pick up a Letters to Akhenaten item, and burn it in the central brazier
  • Destroy Head Scribe Amensidsjaankh

Tier 3/4

Tier 4/4


  • ###,### Experience total
    • ###,### XP per tier for tiers 1 thru 3
    • ###,### XP for tier 4, upon report
  • ###,### Anima Shards upon report
  • Item Name item type, upon report



You will make your alliances where you must. The Jinn are nothing but another piece in the game we control. Just make sure you're always one move ahead. They are an ancient race and are worthy adversaries.

Humans are not supposed to live forever, they are supposed to perish and continue their transformation. Helping these mummies complete that transformation is worthwhile.

Extinguishing the souls given to Akhenaten and his vile god is an added bonus.


My skin crawls every time we're forced to do business with the Jinn. They remind me of the Templars with their condescending honor and tradition bullshit. Just another bunch of self-loving pricks with a misguided god complex, if you ask me. But as long as Amir stays out of our way, I suppose there's no point getting up in his grill.

Feel free to continue fucking with the mummies, though. Even if I'm sympathetic to that whole "I want to live forever" spiel, signing over your soul to an ancient sun god puts you on my list of things we're better off without.

Keep trucking, champ.

Fun fact: the above list also includes R&B, "comfortable" shoes, and Hugh Jackman.


Dealing with anyone from the Hell Dimensions is usually an endeavour fraught with risk. But the ancient Jinn is generally noble and proud, and bound by a code of honour not unlike ours. When he claims that he will protect us in order to protect Gaia, we should take his word for it.

This business with the mummies is horrid. The lengths some will go to for the promise of eternal life. I dare say they didn't think the matter through.

Rib-Hadda and his minions, they all sold their souls to Akhenaten and his cruel god. Now look at them. Good show sending them back to the afterlife. Whether they stay there is a different matter altogether.

R. Sonnac



Amir is contemplating a mummy which he has trapped and is floting in the air

Amir: Such obsession you monkeys dedicate to extending your tiny lives.
Amir: As if the birth and death you are granted were not both precious miracles of Gaia.
Amir: These pathetic, hollow things were promised existence for eternity.
Amir: Yet your frame is too weak to contain the vastness of time.
Amir: Madness took root, even before they were sealed away in blackness for generations.
Amir: Behold the gift of eternity.
Amir: Cursed thing, here is my gift.

Amir causes the Mummy to burst into flames

Amir: The Jinn, too, are seduced by a foolish bargain.
Amir: They are told your Earth - our Gaia - will be returned to them
Amir: cleansed of you detestable monkeys.
Amir: Paradise returned, as it was, as it should be.
Amir: Gaze upon the Earth they will be given.

Amir shows you the filth infested areas of the City

Amir: A wasteland scourged beyond recovery.
Amir: No. Though I would spit if it would not turn to vapour...
Amir: Gaia needs your life. The two cannot be separated.
Amir: And I cannot be sworn to protect one without the other.
Amir: So we all have our causes to suffer.
Amir: Let us work to ensure their suffering...
Amir: is keener.

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