Morninglight Preservation Society

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NOTE: This vendor was removed from the game as part of the Update 1.8.3 hotfix.

Morninglight Preservation Society
Type: Consumable
Map Coordinates: 368,301

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The Morninglight Preservation Society was a vendor that could be found in The Crusades club near the bar. He was added as part of the 2012 End of Days event, but was removed during the Krampusnacht 2013 event.

Note that he only accepts Mayan K'in as payment.


Item Name QL Price
Clothing-Uniform.jpg Mayan Council Robe 0 PaxRomana.png 65
Clothing-Hat.jpg Mayan Bonekeeper Headdress 0 PaxRomana.png 35
Quetzal Bird.jpg Quetzal Bird 0 PaxRomana.png 155
Consumable-Cola.jpg Energy Drink - Barrier 10 PaxRomana.png 8
Consumable-Bottle.jpg Energy Drink - Healing 10 PaxRomana.png 8
Consumable-Juice.jpg Energy Drink - HoT 10 PaxRomana.png 8