Moon Kwon

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Moon Kwon
Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: Seoul
Location: Kumiho Hotel
Faction: [[Category:QBL Media Characters]][[:Category:QBL Media Characters|QBL Media]]
Background Information
Species: Human
Nationality: South Korean
Occupation: Musician
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]

Moon Kwon is a musician seen sitting across from Jin Jae-Hoon at the karaoke bar in Kumiho Hotel. It is unclear if this is just a coincidence, or if he is a Dragon recruit.

While in Kaidan, you can see numerous billboards, one of which is advertising the sale of his new album "Unplugged", promoted by the Orochi Group's QBL Media division.


Has no dialogue options.



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