Montgomery de la Roche

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Montgomery de la Roche
Montgomery de la Roche.jpg
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Location: Oxford Encampment
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Mongomery de la Roche is an archeologist from the Lazarus College (fictional college) of the University of Oxford (real-world university).

He is currently in the Scorched Desert doing Egyptology research along with his partner Arun Singh. It is hinted at in various dialogues that they are more than just professional partners and have a personal relationship as well.



Involved in


NOTE: The following dialogue is transcribed from subtext, and so is the correct speech. But it still needs verification that the lines attributed to each speaker is showing the correct speaker.


  • Yourselves #1:
Montgomery de la Roche: I'm the hot young Turk, he's the stuffy old professor.
Montgomery de la Roche: No wait a minute, the heat's getting to me.
Arin Singh You see how a wit like this is wasted on Oxford.
Arun Singh: Monty likes to think of himself as a dry old scholar,
Arun Singh: but you don't learn swordsmanship like that in fencing class.
Montgomery de la Roche: I did, actually. Though I've had my scrapes with the rum and uncanny.
Montgomery de la Roche: Considerably more of them since being paired with Doctor Singh here.
Arin Singh: The only way to experience occult history is to go out there and get stuck into it, don't you agree?
Arin Singh: Dragon, Templars, Illuminati, whatever you are
Arin Singh: - no offense - you're very hands-on.
Montgomery de la Roche: Arun, like you, is of the new breed, the go-getters.
Montgomery de la Roche: I'm afraid I'm a holdover from the past, when the secret world stayed politely secret.
Arun Singh: Monty. You know I hate it when you depress yourself.
Montgomery de la Roche: My boy, we were fusty custodians then.
Montgomery de la Roche: We would deny the truth rather than have it contradict hundred of years of...
Montgomery de la Roche: Utterly dreary research.


  • Location #1:
Arin Singh: We were lucky to get funding for this expedition. Egyptology is a sore topic back at Lazarus College.
Montgomery de la Roche: I have a feeling current events shan't endear us to the funding committee.
Arin Singh: Its not just the money involved in paying off the Kingdon.
Arin Singh: It's that the Kingdom exists at all.
Arin Singh: What point is there in spending months sifting through the detritus of the Nineteenth Dynasty,
Arin Singh: if you can just take them out to a boozer and ask them face-to-face?
Montgomery de la Roche: They do love to put us in our place.
Montgomery de la Roche: To recall the mummy al-Fayed on the Rosetta Stone:
Montgomery de la Roche: "An impressive effort, but totally wrong."
Montgomery de la Roche: As sweet as clotted cream, as crushing as a cave-in.
Arun Singh: I'll tell you this much, Monty, if we survive this mess -
Arun Singh: there's a case to be made for major holes in the Kingdom's recollection of history.
Arun Singh: I knew they were looking shifty, even for walking corpses.
Montgomery de la Roche: It's true. The dashed thing about unspeakable evil is how reticent people are to mention them.

The Secret World

  • The Secret World #1:
Arin Singh: We've been out here on site for a month or so now.
Arin Singh: It was a nice little retreat until the paramilitary showed up.
Montgomery de la Roche: Then came the earthquake.
Arin Singh: The cult uprising, the ghouls, the giant insects, the sand demons...
Montgomery de la Roche: The rain of fire, which even being versed in occult catastrophes, I thought was a bit much.
Arin Singh: So we're a little out of touch with global events.
Arin Singh: Don't tell us, though, I love surprises.
Montgomery de la Roche: I expect we're in for a trying year.
Montgomery de la Roche: I don't mean to gossip, but there's already been trouble in Oxford.
Montgomery de la Roche: Information wants to be free, isn't that the charmingly naive saying?
Montgomery de la Roche: Well, the kind of information Lazarus College owns is capable of making its own prison break.
Arin Singh: Now they've closed off half the catacombs to stop it leaking out.
Arun Singh: I heard one grimoire made it as far as the hedge maze.
Montgomery de la Roche: I shouldn't think it would be anything for you to concern yourself with, though.
Montgomery de la Roche: Oxford hasn't called upon the societies for aid since 1096.
Arin Singh: Yes, how much trouble can postgraduate students,
Arin Singh: homunculi, and books bound in pickled skin be?

End of the Mayan Calendar

  • End of the Mayan Calendar #1:
Montgomery de la Roche: The hot young Turk and I have differing opinions on prophecy.
Montgomery de la Roche: Monument 6 does hint at certain scenarios, but there's no hard evidence of-Well, except for those looted glyphs Arun claims to have seen in the forests of South America. The inscription apparently completed the Mayan prophecy and clarified the coming of Bolon Yokte' K'uh.
Montgomery de la Roche: An absolutely astonishing would-be discovery... But do so remind us, Arun: the reason you weren't able to adequately record or recover this fascinating monument? Mayan zombies, was it?