Monsters of Maine

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Monsters of Maine is the name of a blog started by Solomon Island resident Tyler Freeborn. The blog was found by the community on February 22, 2010. In it, Mr. Freeborn reveals his proof that the island is "batshit insane."

Finding the Blog

After the harbor planning meeting on February 16, 2010, it was revealed through Alternate Reality Game-related Twitter accounts that a resident of the island, Mr. Freeborn, tried to warn the members of the town about the dangers they were facing. He was met with hostility and disbelief. Most people believed him to be crazy. Carter, a student at the Innsmouth Academy that recently befriended Danny Dufresne, tweeted that Mr. Freeborn had a blog about the weirdness of Kingsmouth. Eventually, the community was able to locate the blog.

Monsters Discussed

Mr. Freeborn discussed many of the monsters that he believed existed on the island, both from stories he had experienced or he was told by his family members and other island residents.

  • Bigfoot / Glooskap
  • Wendigo / Keewaqu
  • The Toad Woman


In many of the blog posts, Freeborn included a photograph or artist rendering of the monsters he spoke of. The last blog post made on February 22, 2010 stated that Freeborn had evidence and was willing to share it with the world "soon."

For those who don't believe me. For those who laugh at me... I have the evidence.
And I will put it right here, where the world can see and judge for itself.

Tyler Freeborn, source