Monster Hunter Jacket

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Monster Hunter Jacket
Monster Hunter Jacket, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Coats
Source: Achievement

The Monster Hunter Jacket is a dark green, long-sleeved, fur-lined jacket. It has pockets on either side that can be buttoned, at about breast level. Above either pocket is a red five-pointed star. The sleeves are long, coming to just below the wrist, and have stylized red flames on them. On the back is more stylized flames, over which is a reddish skull with vortex/hypnotic eyes done in neon green and pink. The skull has its mouth open, and the words "Killing Machine" is printed over the mouth in a neon green and pink.

The female version is cropped short, coming down to just above the belly-button.



The Monster Hunter Jacket is only available in one color.


Female Male
Monster Hunter Jacket, female.png Unknown.png

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