Molecular Exploitation

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AbilityBackgroundPassive.pngMolecular Exploitation.pngAbilityBorderNormal.png
Weapon EL
Cell Altered States
Cost 9 AP
Type Passive
Exploits State Afflicted
Included in Deck Mercenary, Pandemonist

Note: Damage and Healing amounts listed are base amounts on a new character and will be modified by item ratings.

Tips and Tactics

  • This passive is similar to Fortunate Strike, however due to the 1 second cooldown rule, it can only apply to each target 1 time per second.
  • Current testing has suggested that this passive will not function in the first second that afflicted is applied to a target, thus it may be under-performing.
    • It is not known if this is a bug, or working as intended; further testing is needed to confirm these results.