Minister of Ca' d'Oro

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Minister of Ca' d'Oro
Minister of Ca' d'Oro.png
Type: Consumable
Faction: Council of Venice
Zone: The Sunken Library
Region: Venice

There are actually two different Minister of Ca' d'Oro vendors that can be found in the The Sunken Library. However, despite having the same name, they sell completely different items.

The Minister to the left of the Console as you're facing it and the wall behind it sells Quality Level10 Talismans and Weapons.

The Minister to the right of Console sells a larger variety of items.


This table is for the right-hand Minister.

Item Name QL Price
AugmentAmplifierKit.jpg Augment Amplifier Kit (Level 2) 2 AureiOfInitiation.png 36
AugmentAmplifierKit.jpg Augment Amplifier Kit (Level 3) 3 AureiOfInitiation.png 70
AugmentAmplifierKit.jpg Augment Amplifier Kit (Level 4) 4 AureiOfInitiation.png 100
AugmentAmplifierKit.jpg Augment Amplifier Kit (Level 5) 5 AureiOfInitiation.png 150
AugmentAttuningKit.jpg Augment Attuning Kit 10 AureiOfInitiation.png 12
PurpleChain.jpg Castigating Chain 10.1 AureiOfInitiation.png 216
PurpleBelt.jpg Sandon's Mettle 10.1 AureiOfInitiation.png 216
PurpleBuckle.jpg Winged Lion Buckle 10.1 AureiOfInitiation.png 216
PurpleHealSignet.jpg Signet of Saint Mark 10 AureiOfInitiation.png 188
PurpleTankSignet.jpg Signet of the Undying Roar 10 AureiOfInitiation.png 188
PurpleDPSSignet.jpg Signet of Venice 10 AureiOfInitiation.png 188
CouncilSeal.jpg The Council's Seal 0 AureiOfInitiation.png 80
Title.jpg Title: Virtuoso 0 AureiOfInitiation.png 432
Clothing-Feet.jpg Venetian Tactical Armor - High laced combat boots 0 AureiOfInitiation.png 75
Clothing-Hat.jpg Venetian Tactical Armor - Military beret 0 AureiOfInitiation.png 125
Clothing-Coat.jpg Venetian Tactical Armor - Padded utility chestguard 0 AureiOfInitiation.png 125
Clothing-Legs.jpg Venetian Tactical Armor - Plated pants with holster 0 AureiOfInitiation.png 75
Clothing-Hands.jpg Venetian Tactical Armor - Two tone kevlar gloves 0 AureiOfInitiation.png 75