Military helmet

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Military helmet
Military helmet, green camo, female, side.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Hat
Source: Custodian of Curios
Price: 400 Extant Third Age Sliver
10 Extant Third Age Fragment

The Military Helmet is a standard looking Kevlar helmet, similar used to most armed forces around the world. It has a strap attached under the chin. There are no insignia or markings on it.

Sold By


NOTE: The screenshots and previews were taken from the Custodian of Curios vendor in Agartha, and accurate colors are hard to see there, so they may differ somewhat from what is displayed below

The Military helmet is available in the following colors

  • Green camo - Brown, green, and tan woodland camouflage pattern
  • Desert camo - Light and dark brown sand/desert camouflage pattern


Green camo Desert camo
Military helmet, green camo, female.png Military helmet, desert camo, female.png

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