Military cap

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Military cap
Military cap, green, female, side.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Hat
Source: Women's Headwear
Price: 900000 Pax Romana

The 'Military cap is a generic military cap used by various armies around the world as part of the battle dress uniform. Although all of these are solid color without any patterning or camouflaging. There are also two rivets on either side for airing.

Sold By


The Military cap are available in the following colors

  • Black - Looks more like a dark grey
  • Blue - Medium blue
  • Green
  • Light Blue - Looks like a light denim
  • Red
  • Yellow


Black Black
Military cap, black, female.png Military cap, blue, female.png
Green Light Blue
Military cap, green, female.png Military cap, light blue, female.png
Red Yellow
Military cap, red, female.png Military cap, yellow, female.png

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