Mihas Blaga

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Mihas Blaga
Mihas Blaga.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Shadowy Forest
Faction: Drăculești
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

A Drăculești hunter, he can be found in the The Shadowy Forest sitting at a campfire with other members of the Romany.

He was part of a travelling carnival show, along with his two brothers, known as "The Amazing Blaga Brothers" for a time before they joined the Drăculești.[1].

Mihas' brothers are Zsolt and Andrash



Involved in



Yourself #1
Mihas: I am a good fighter, a strong fighter,
Mihas: but a fighter does not only seek the victory.
Mihas: He is always preparing, always searching for the one who will best him.
Mihas: That is where the truest experience is waiting.
Mihas: Where he can breath it in.
Yourself #2
Mihas: Before the Drăculești took in me and my brothers, we fought their greatest warriors.
Mihas: Ah, yes! It was a long night of cheering and bruises.
Mihas: Red faces and raw knuckles.
Mihas: I kept those bruises like trophies.
Mihas: I beat down every one, but, eh...
Mihas: They were slowed by the drink and the dancing, heh. Not a fair fight.
Yourself #3
Mihas: Morning came, and then into the afternoon.
Mihas: They promised us a rematch one day, if we would join with the Drăculești.
Mihas: That's what they promised. But there were always excuses, new monster to hunt.
Mihas: "Next season we fight, Mihas."
Mihas: "In the quiet season we fight, Mihas."

Vlad Dracula

Vlad Dracula #1
Mihas: Milosh tells us much about Vlad Dracula.
Mihas: A great man. A strong man.
Mihas: An honourable man. A ruler of men!
Mihas: I would very much like to have fought him.
Mihas: Instead, I fight at his side.
Mihas: He is with us, at every step.
Vlad Dracula #2
Mihas: Vlad Dracula gave no compromise, none, to his enemies.
Mihas: To monsters.
Mihas: We must never forget what they are, that was his lesson to the Drăculești.
Mihas: The monsters had their time - of great cities like rats' nests, the stories say.
Vlad Dracula #3
Mihas: An animal knows when its time is over.
Mihas: Men, too.
Mihas: They still fight for it, it is always a battle,
Mihas: but they see their fate.
Mihas: The strong will survive.
Vlad Dracula #4
Mihas: The monster has nothing in those eyes.
Mihas: I have looked into them many times, right before my face.
Mihas: Seen the dull light go out beneath my knuckles.
Mihas: The monster never accepts fate.
Mihas: Vlad Dracula taught the Drăculești once to give no quarter. And we never will.

The forest

The forest #1
Mihas: It is my choice to be out here, in the wild, and not in the camp.
Mihas: I meditate in the good dirt.
Mihas: I box with shadows in the smell of rain.
Mihas: I leap from branch to branch as I scale the tallest trees.
The forest #2
Mihas: My brothers an I, we made these woods our playground.
Mihas: But still... They are different.
Mihas: The dew clings to the trees cold, like it is the sweat of sickness.
Mihas: The mist leaves a taste in the mouth, a taste of metal.
Mihas: I know that taste well.
The forest #3
Mihas: It's a steel trap, in this forest.
Mihas: Closing around us, not all at once, but slowly.
Mihas: I do not fear it.
Mihas: To die in the resting place of Vlad Dracula, that is an honour!
Mihas: I will say to his knightly spirit that I followed him through the darkness gladly.
The forest #4
Mihas: And I will tell him of all the creatures I sent before me.
Mihas: Down into the centre of the world.

The Romany

Mihas: Milosh is expecting you.
Mihas: Don't let your eyes wander when you speak with Emilia. Milosh will cut them out and serve them to you.




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