Merchant of Glitz

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Merchant of Glitz
Merchant of Glitz.png
Type: Golden Weekend
Map Coordinates: (164,278)
Location: Ealdwic Park
Zone: London
Region: Hub

The Merchant of Glitz is a special event vendor that only appears during the Golden Weekend event. While this event is active, he can be found on the stage in Ealdwic Park in London. Once the event is over, he will disappear until the next occurrence of the event.

Note that the High Roller's Valise is limited, and you can only purchase 2 per day.


Item Name QL Price
The Golden Golem inv icon.png The Golden Golem 0 GamblersMarker.png 80
Golden Weekend bag.png High Roller's Valise (0/2) 0 GamblersMarker.png 3