Mercenary (Class)

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Favourite Role: Healer
Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Fists
Difficulty: Difficulty 3.jpg

Mercenaries are loaded for bear with an Assault Rifle with an underslung grenade launcher. Also, when wounded, Mercenaries are able to heal themselves and their allies.


  • Primary: Assault Rifle - Assault Rifle users are able to focus their power into their underslung grenade launcher and unleash that power to devastate foes or restore allies.
  • Secondary: Fists - Fist Weapon attacks cause the user to become more and more frenzied. They can enter a frenzied state where they gain access to a new set of powerful abilities

Favoured Role

  • Healer - Heal injured allies

Notable Abilities


  • 3/5 - This build does not have an ability that does not consume ability energy, so energy needs to be managed carefully. In addition, builds that combine ranged and melee abilities can also be more difficult