Memory Expansion Module Mk I

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Memory Expansion Module.png
Memory Expansion Module Mk I
Binds when Picked Up Unique
Expands the memory of an AEGIS controller, allowing it to be upgraded to the next version. Requires 100% completed analysis of filth samples to complete this upgrade.
This module contains memory expansions to improve on AEGIS up to v1.4. This module is consumed in each upgrade process

These toolkits are used to upgrade AEGIS controllers. The "Mark I" version of the toolkit can be used upgrade you controller from v1.0 to v1.4, in 0.1 step increments.

Once you have gathered enough Research data for your controller to be at 100% research completed, put your controller in the assembly window and one of these toolkits in the toolkit slot to upgrade the controller to the next level.

There are Memory Expansion Module Mk II toolkits to upgrade your controllers to v1.5 thru v1.9.


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