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Children: Possible Child
Background Information
Species: Human, Bee
Occupation: Oracle
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Melissonomoi is an oracle tied to the Sanctuary of Secrets and responsible for many clues and hints concerning ARG events.


Involved in

Social Networks

Melissonomoi has distributed numerous hints via social networks such as twitter, 8tracks, Flickr, YouTube, DeviantArt,, and Shadowness.


Melissonomoi's twitter account was found during the They Are Coming Back puzzle. Melissonomoi has responded to questions from community members via twitter under the profile name "Melissa". So far her tweets can be correlated to events at the posting time, in an effort to guide the community to an answer. However, all of them seem to be vague as if she is speaking in riddles herself.

Since the twitter account was discovered, communication with Melissonomoi was sporadic with long periods of no communication. She used it extensively to speak with the community during The Fool's Journey but only once during the recent interaction with The Dark Places. In November of 2011, she began to use it again although not necessarily to communicate with the Secret World community.


See also: Full list of 8tracks songs

Melissonomoi's 8tracks account was first discovered during the They Are Coming Back puzzle to solve the Birds of the Muses part of the riddle. At the time, the first letters of the track names were an anagram for the word "NUMBERS" if the track "the earth dies screaming" was ignored following Melissonomoi's riddle at that point in time. In combination with Melissonomoi's Flickr account, the community found that the phrase they were looking for was "perfect numbers." This led to solving the Birds of the Muses puzzle.

Since They Are Coming Back has been solved, the 8tracks account has gone through many changes which deal with the current events of the community. A complete history of the song changes and riddles posted on the 8tracks account can be seen in here.


Contains 5 photos of locations in a cityscape containing a honeycomb structure. The album name is Perfect.

The exact locations of all 5 photos have been found by various forum members and collected by Ùnomat:

Original pictures linked through their date / time, closest available match through the description of the identified location:
  1. 2008:08:10 22:54:06 Eckersbergsgate 41, Oslo: Osterhausgatens Fargehandel
  2. 2008:08:10 22:12:23 Karl Johans gate 27, Oslo: Lindex
  3. 2008:08:10 22:11:31 Karl Johans gate 22, Oslo: Stortinget
  4. 2008:06:19 20:38:47 Paseo de Gracia 92, Barcelona: outside Casa Milà (floor tiles designed by Gaudí)
  5. 2008:06:26 11:27:08 Stansted, CM24, Essex (London): London Stansted Airport


Melissonomoi's channel contains no videos or subscriptions other than a given location, Nepal, and an age, 30.


Melissonomoi's Account contains the 'Bee' picture also associated with her Twitter account. The image is named Pythagoras. Under "Artist's Comments" it is written "There is a sequence." followed by a link to Also listed is the location Greece.

Melissonomoi is listed as an artist and has one song created via scrobble. Thought to the part of one of the earlier ARGs and documented as existing as early as February of 2010; the song is titled, "Sanctuary of Secrets," and is 85 seconds long.


Melissonomoi's shadowness portfolio contains multiple unnamed images which seem influenced by cubism, a form of art that emerged in Europe during the twentieth century. The name listed is Melissa. The following quotes are located within the portfolio:

  • "is an apiarist"
  • "some truths are best kept secret..."

On May 13, 2009, the account was updated with the message:

  • "is attenuating"

Two lists, one named "Me" and the other "Numbers" contain the untitled images on the account.

The images have words on them: [1]: Together again {a gain?} [2]: The Sphinx...