Mayan Battle Mage

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Mayan Battle Mage
Mayan Battle Mage.png
Type: Category:Other monsters
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: No Data
HP: Normal: ~100,000
Elite: ~194,000
XP Awarded: Normal:?
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: The Darkness War
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


Mayan Battle Mage is the 5th boss in the The Darkness War instance.

Special Abilities


This boss has a number of phases, and requires quite a bit of moving around.

The encounter area is split into thirds for the mechanics of this fight. When entering the area, there are two rock outcroppings on the left. These two outcroppings mark the boundaries between the three zones.

Any time the Battle Mage summons Balam Bloodletters, they should immediately be taken down. They are summoned often enough and in quantity enough that they can be a problem if left around too long. Later in the fight, the Battle Mage can shoot them with a red beam which will cause them to glow red and turn into walking bombs. They will then move slower, but explode when coming close to a player. Players caught within the explosion will take massive damage.

The Bloodletters always appear from the far side of the encounter area from where the players entered. Healers especially should be careful of being too close to that side of the zone, lest they attract the aggro of the Bloodletters before the tank can get them. Any Bloodletter that has been turned into a bomb should be killed immediately by ranged DPS.

During the fight, the Battle Mage will occasionally toss out little Road to Xibalba bombs, like hand grenades. Their circles should be avoided. Periodically he will also teleport himself to a rock outcropping overlooking the area. While he is up there, he will carpet-bomb each of the three areas of the zone in turn with his Road to Xibalba ability. Once he teleports up top, the best strategy is generally to get to one of the two outcroppings that mark the zone boundaries. That way, you will only need to step a few meters one direction or the other to get out of the zone that is currently being bombed.

Loot Table

  • Will drop 2x from the following table:
Item Type Role
Ekchuah's Clenched Fist Weapon Hammer
Tears of Chaac Weapon Assault Rifle
Scale of Zipacna Neck Talisman Tanking
Zipacna's Hunger Finger Talisman Tanking
Band of the Bacab Finger Talisman Healing
Chit of Kinich Ahau Luck Talisman Healing
Shell of the Nautilus Waist Talisman Tanking
Cabrakan's Glyph Occult Talisman Tanking