Mary Stuart

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Mary Stuart
Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: London
Location: Temple Club
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Lore

Mary Stuart is twin sister to Catherine Stuart and they have taken it upon themselves to "civilize" Iain Tibet Gladstone. They can typically be found with him inside the library at the Temple Club.

John Galahad also makes reference to the Stuart twins in his various dialogues.


  • None


Note: Most of her dialogue takes place when you select dialogue from Catherine Stuart, they both talk.


  • Yourself #1
Mary Stuart: So you're the new hotness.
Mary Stuart: You looked taller on the security camera footage, but that's not necessarily an issue.
Mary Stuart: As long as you can hold a martini, smile, and think of England at the same time.
  • Yourself #2
Mary Stuart: Dicky S. has spoken highly of you, and that's quite the calendar marking occasion.
Mary Stuart: You've really made waves. The Templars don't like waves.
Mary Stuart: Unless they're royal ones delivered with a porcelain grimace.
  • Yourself #3
Mary Stuart: Today's golden boy is next week's persona non grata.
Mary Stuart: One minute you're saving the world, the next you've been recommissioned to Siberia.
  • Yourself #4
Mary Stuart: You can take the lion out of Babylon, but not Babylon out of the lion, hm?
Mary Stuart: Just keep smiling, it's better that way.
Mary Stuart: My sister and I can be your rock in these fairweather waters.
Mary Stuart: All I ask is that you dress for success.
Mary Stuart: If a new age of mankind is coming, you don't want to look like you've slept in a hedge.