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This map shows where to find the various information for the Hell Eternal dungeon, including Boss spawn points as well as locations for the Lore:The Hell Dimensions.

  • For more information about the dungeon in general, see Hell Eternal
  • For more detailed information about the bosses and how to fight them, see their individual articles (Linked below)
  • For more detailed descriptions of how to find the pieces of lore, see Lore:The Hell Dimensions

Hell Eternal Map.jpg
1 Map Pin Yellow.svg
2 Map Pin Yellow.svg
3 Map Pin Yellow.svg
4 Map Pin Yellow.svg
5 Map Pin Yellow.svg
6 Map Pin Yellow.svg
7 Map Pin Yellow.svg
Lore Locations
1 Map Pin Yellow.png Lore #23
2 Map Pin Yellow.png Lore #24
3 Map Pin Yellow.png Lore #25
4 Map Pin Yellow.png Lore #26
5 Map Pin Yellow.png Lore #27
6 Map Pin Yellow.png Lore #28
7 Map Pin Yellow.png Lore #29
Boss Locations
1 Map Pin Red.svg Archaean Seismocratist
2 Map Pin Red.svg Lustrehunter
3 Map Pin Red.svg Prime Maker
4 Map Pin Red.svg Flagellatrix Superior
5 Map Pin Red.svg Hadean Guard
6 Map Pin Red.svg Eblis, Dominus Inferni in Profondis