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Manticore Research Group
Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

Manticore Research Group (slogan: "We Bring You the Horizon") is one of the eight subsidiaries of the Orochi Group. They are an international arms manufacturer with a focus on aerospace engineering and military technologies. [1] They build weapons and defense equipment, satellites, rockets, passenger jets, engines, and turbines, among others. [2] It is also said they are working on harnessing Anima for weapons and energy sources.[3]

However, there seems to be a higher than usual number of injuries and fatalities associated with the Manticore Research Group.[4] Although in virtually all cases, no negligence on the part of Manticore is ever found.

Lidiya makes mention of "Manticore oculttech"[5], and Dragan Dzoavich also seems to back up the statement that their occult defenses are top-notch [6]


The Mardyakhor (lit. "man-eater") was a fabulous beast of Persian myth with the body of a lion, a tail that resembled a scorpion's tail or else fired poison quills, and the head of a man sporting triple rows of sharp teeth with which "The Manticore" (as in Europe it was known) ate its victims entire, famously leaving no bones behind. Due to mentions by Aristotle and Pliny, the beast was imagined in later antiquity to be real and even featured in some medieval European bestiaries.


  • Fusang - Manticore has recently expanded into China, and one of it's major projects there is "regenerating the old city of Fusang"[7]


Their website has several products listed. [8]

Product ID Product number Description
3881999 Cyclone series mast The Cyclone series is specifically designed for remote area installation and maintenance. No cranes are needed, sections are lightweight, and provisional repairs can be carried out without recourse to specialized parts and labour. Primary components: brackets, anchors, antennas, lightning arrestors. Provisional repair materials: household adhesives, conductors and amplifiers.
1846079861 TT Type 41 This product is currently in development. Based on recent discoveries in ancient Valley of the Sun God, this advanced unit represents the cutting edge of personal displacement.
9906753 3-A Container This product is currently in development. Based on recent discoveries in ancient Egypt, this unique lightweight container is designed to safely store and transport C-1 grade unstable contents.

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