Manhattan Exclusion Zone

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Manhattan Exclusion Zone
Region: New York
Type: Raid


Environmental Hazards

Boss Encounters

Loot Table

Item Type Role
Beyond Violence Weapon Fists
End of Days (Weapon) Weapon Blood Focus
Final Assault Weapon Assault Rifle
Good and Evil Weapon Pistols
Objective Truth Weapon Blade
Star Gauge Weapon Shotgun
The Bronx Weapon Hammer
The Fifth Element Weapon Elemental Focus
The Trajector Weapon Chaos Focus
Ashes of Elder Things Head Talisman DPS
Blood of the Old Ones Head Talisman Healing
Broadway Charm Occult Talisman Healing
Brooklyn Bracer Wrist Talisman Tanking
Coney Island Band Finger Talisman Healing
Egon Pendant Neck Talisman DPS
Mark of the Starspawn Head Talisman Tanking
NY Buckle Waist Talisman Tanking
Subway Tokens Luck Talisman DPS
Astral Fuse Glyph Toolkit
Criterion Upgrade Toolkit
Third Core Capacitor

Other Monsters